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V Energy / Totally Rad Tutorials

by Contagious I/O

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Australian energy drink creates snackable content to teach millennials life skills

V Energy has launched a series of bitesize clips full of valuable life advice.

The Australian energy drink’s brand platform is ‘the massive hit that improves you a bit’, and the V Skills campaign is built off that idea – helping people be ‘a bit better’ at life.

Created with TKT Sydney, the social videos are equal parts helpful and entertaining, featuring tutorials on how to fold a fitted sheet, save money and get better at whistling.

The short videos can be watched on the V Skills website, but were also sent out on Snapchat, YouTube and via scannable codes printed on 14 million cans of the Frucor-owned drink.

The cans also featured Snapcodes that could be scanned to unlock exclusive content.

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Easy watching / These short videos are undeniably silly, but that makes them perfect social media fodder. They’re quick, digestible clips that are visually stimulating enough to have an impact even if the sound is switched off, and have enough wacky things going on in them to motivate someone skimming past to switch the sound on.

The content also finds a balance between being useful and entertaining, so the videos aren’t just funny, they’re relevant to the audience and thus more likely to be shared. ‘This campaign comes from the insight that while millennials have access to unfathomable technologies and seas of information, they sometimes fail to reach their full potential at some of the more practical life skills,’ Frucor marketing manager Andy Fenwick said in a statement. ‘The more people we spoke to the more we heard that they wanted a few life hacks to be a bit better at a range of different things that they are not taught at school or university.’

By catering to the needs of their audience, in a we-don’t-take-ourselves-too-seriously way, V Energy is bound to get a good bit of attention.

Powerful packaging / Rather than limiting the reach of the campaign by leaving it completely online, V Energy has tied it back to its physical product – and not just by cleverly linking it to the brand platform. By turning its packaging into a media channel, using various codes that could be scanned through the V Skills website or Snapchat, the energy drink brand has added an element of excitement and discovery to the campaign – rather than just shouting messages at millennials (who often aren’t listening).

When Felipe Simi, chief strategy officer at CUBOCC, spoke to us about the Sprite RFRSH Na Lata campaign, which also targeted young people using Snapcodes on drinks cans, he explained that less than 40% of the Gen Z population pays attention to advertising, and when they do, it’s usually for no more than 8 seconds. ‘By printing the Snapcodes on the packaging, we instantly create a connected product. We have also made a mobile campaign without any mobile ads,’ he said. ‘This generation will spend 80% of their time on their phones, so it makes sense.’

While the V Skills campaign was aimed at millennials, rather than centennials, the prominence of mobile is still relevant, as is the importance of being authentic, or at least non-traditional, in the distribution of the campaign.



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