FutureFlash 2015

by Arianna Radji

WHAT /  FutureFlash 2015

WHEN / 13-14 May 2015

WHERE / Ontario, Canada


FutureFlash is an event that Contagious has curated for the past four years on behalf of the Institute of Communications Agencies in Canada.

FutureFlash is a conclave of Canada's top agency CEOs, creative directors and key marketers and is sponsored by The Globe & Mail newspaper. It is held in a resort two hours’ drive from Toronto and is designed to bring ICA members together over the course of two days to hear from some amazing speakers and to debate the immediate future of the marketing industry.

It gets covered editorially by The Globe & Mail as well as numerous Canadian trade publications. Previous speakers have included Chris Anderson from Wired, computer scientist Jaron Lanier, Rory Sutherland from OgilvyMichelle Klein from Diageo and Sir John Hegerty from BBH. Contagious’ co-founder and editorial director, Paul Kemp-Robertson chairs the event, as well as delivers a briefing.

Watch last year's highlights reel:


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