Now Next Why 2017

by Kara Dougall

Now Next Why 2017


WHEN / 9 MAY 2017



Contagious, will explore three major challenges facing the marketing industry:

Tackling Trust

Fake news, unreliable polls, over-hyped metrics – It’s almost impossible to know who (or what) to believe these days. For our annual Genius Survey, Contagious asked a cross-section of global industry leaders what the most important challenge of 2017 is, and the answer came back loud and clear – trust. This session will explore how technology is radically changing our attitudes towards trust; it’ll explain why businesses need to consider these implications now more than ever; and it’ll offer practical advice for how marketing can boost brand performance by helping to build trust, both within and outside an organisation.


Catching Up With Culture

Are brands losing touch with culture? In a world that moves faster, is more connected and yet more divided, staying relevant to people’s changing interests, values and aspirations is harder than ever before. Sidestepping jargon, this session will provide practical, strategic insight into how brands can rethink and rewire themselves to matter more in culture today.


Computational Creativity

Creativity may be intrinsically linked to effectiveness and possibly one of the last competitive advantages that a brand can wield, but what happens when computational creativity allows machines to generate creative marketing at the same level as a human? The answer isn’t the death of an industry, but a vital need to understand and work with computational creativity from the outset.


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