22 March 2021

Join us for Contagious Live(stream) sessions 2021 

Need a regular hit of creative inspiration, insight and strategy? Good news: Our virtual talks are back! Here's the full session line up...

Whether you’re WFH or back in the office, Contagious Live(stream) talks are back for 2021, with a mission to refresh the dark recesses of your brain other webinars simply cannot reach! We’ll be launching two new series for Spring...

Our Sector Spotlight talks are first to kick off on March 31. From automotive to FMCG, from financial services to sport, each session will surface the sharpest, most successful campaigns in our category of choice, as well as going deeper on one of the smartest brands operating in that sector.

Forget about category clichés and conventions: we’ll be hand-picking the work that refuses to blend in and breaking down the insights and strategies informing each campaign. If you’re seeking out new ways of thinking about the creative challenges facing your brand, our Sector Spotlights will help you get out of a rut and into the zone.

Our Planet Matters sessions get underway in June. In the post-pandemic world, attention will inevitably re-focus on how brands and businesses can respond to the other crisis – the climate and ecological emergency.

In this four-part series we’ll break down the key aspects of the challenge facing brands who want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Whether you’re a legacy brand trying to work out where you can make most impact, or a new player building for sustainability, we’ll share insight and examples of the smartest thinking from a variety of sectors and markets.

Each Live(stream) session will be brought to you free and take place on a Wednesday, usually at 2.30pm (BST) unless otherwise specified. By registering, you can also watch or re-watch each presentation on demand for one month shortly after the live event. What are you waiting for – sign up now!

Full session list  

March 31 / Sector Spotlight: Automotive, In partnership with YouGov – Expired, please contact sales for more info 

April 14 / Sector Spotlight: Entertainment, In partnership with Audiense – Expired, please contact sales for more info

April 28 / Sector Spotlight: Alcohol, In partnership with Clear Channel –Expired, please contact sales for more info

May 5 / Sector Spotlight: Ecommerce, In partnership with Thinkbox – Expired, please contact sales for more info

May 12 / Sector Spotlight: FMCG, In partnership with YouGov View recording

May 19 / Sector Spotlight: Sport View recording

May 26 / Sector Spotlight: Retail, In partnership with YouGov – View recording

June 2 / Sector Spotlight: Financial Services View recording

June 9 / Sector Spotlight: Technology, In partnership with Lively View recording

June 16 / Planet Matters: Planet Pioneers, In partnership with Virtue Register here ​​​​​​​

If you have any questions then get in touch with the team at [email protected]

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