Sector Spotlight / Technology: Free live stream 

Need a creative system upgrade? Our Sector Spotlight series has something for everyone! Whether you’re checking out the competition or curious to see what’s going on in someone else’s backyard, sign up for some creative inspiration from the Technology sector!

Contagious Live(stream) is back for 2021 with a new series of FREE one-hour sessions exploring the creative crème de la crème of a particular business category. Each Sector Spotlight will guide you through the campaigns that made us stop, made us look, made us think – and made us jealous, explaining what makes it special and why.

Sector Spotlight / Technology – In partnership with Lively 

It takes imagination to sell innovation. In a world that runs on technology, how are the smartest tech brands staying ahead of the pack in the battle for consumers’ attention? In this session we’ll share our favourite campaigns from companies that blend art with science, and magic with logic, to sell high-tech products with a human touch. Whatever category you or your clients work in, this could be exactly the creative reboot you need!

The presentation will include:

  • Work from a range of brands and markets
  • The Contagious take on the method and mechanics underpinning the work
  • The insights and strategy behind each campaign
  • First-hand perspectives from the people behind the ideas

Missed the live session on June 9? No problemo. A recording of the session is available for 30-days after the live date. Watch it while you can, here.