19 November 2020

Most Contagious 2020 UK & Europe: Agenda 

Here's the full lineup of what's in store...

9th December - Day one 

09:00 – 12:00 Contagious Classics 

Most Contagious is where the people behind business-building, award-winning, world-changing creative share what really made their campaigns work. If you want to learn from the best, treat yourself to an illuminating morning of classic sessions from our most inspiring speakers. Presented by Contagious co-founder, Paul Kemp-Robertson, it’s binge-viewing at its most insightful!

Patagonia / Rick Ridgeway, VP Environmental Affairs, Patagonia

Barbie / Lisa McNight, SVP Mattel

Domino’s / Andrew Lincoln, CP+B & Dennis Maloney, Domino’s Pizza

ING: The Next Rembrandt / Bas Korsten & Emmanuel Flores, J Walter Thompson Amsterdam

KFC: FCK / Meg Farren, CMO KFC UK & Ireland & Hermeti Balerin, Mother

Wendy’s / Matt Keck & Jeremy Cline, VMLY&R

Palau Pledge / Laura Clarke, Palau Legacy Project

Fearless girl / Tom Murphy & Gemma Craven, McCann New York

12.00 – 1.00pm LUNCH

1.00pm Welcome / Day one Alex Jenkins, Editorial Director, Contagious, Katrina Stirton Dodd, Editor at Large, Contagious

1.05-1.15pm The Contagious year / Pt 1 Alex Jenkins, Editorial Director, Contagious

The themes that defined the year in creativity.

1.15-1.35pm Bodyform (Libresse) / Own the Womb Margaux Revol, Strategy Director, Sarah Hore-Lacy, Senior Account Director, Nicholas Hulley, Executive Creative Director, Nadja Lossgott, Executive Creative Director at AMV BBDO, Tanja Grubner, Global Marketing and Communications Director, Essity

They revolutionised the category by showing actual period blood. They exploded body shame in Viva la Vulva. What next? The team behind the taboo-busting Wombstories campaign on tackling toxic silences and single female narratives.

1.35-1.50pm Contagious / Is brand activism a good strategy? James Swift, Online editor, Contagious

Good citizenship or corporate conceit? More brands are using their advertising to advocate divisive social and political issues, but do they really understand the effect these messages have on their customers and business? James Swift explores the burgeoning body of academic research for answers. 

2.00-2.05pm Most Contagious Campaigns of the Year / PT 1 Bethan Ashman, Writer/researcher, Contagious

2.05-2.25pm Extinction Rebellion / Save Yourself Will Skeaping, Extinction Rebellion

If not us, who? If not now, when? The climate and ecological crisis is still out of control: join XR activist Will Skeaping to find out what we can all do as marketeers, advertisers, and even just as employees, to save our businesses, any sense of legacy and ourselves. 

2.30-2.45pm The One School / Build Your Own Pipeline Oriel Davis Lyons, Founder of The One School

What inspired the creation of One School, the first online portfolio school for Black creatives founded this summer? Oriel Davis-Lyons will pass on tips and advice to anyone thinking of starting their own diversity program and explain why the industry's lack of diversity starts at school.

2.46-2.48 YouGov News / UK Best Brand Rankings​​​​​​​ #1

2.48-2.49 OMD Travel Forecast #1

3.00-3.05pm Most Contagious Campaigns of the Year / PT 2 Sunil Bajaj, Staff writer, Contagious

3.05-3.25pm Coca-Cola / Open Like Never Before Laura Visco, Deputy Executive Creative Director & Marta Carreras Cancelo, Western Europe Creative Strategy Director / Coca-Co.

How does the world’s biggest brand show up with some optimism in the crappiest of years? In the face of a health and economic crisis how do you demonstrate empathy without looking naïve – and back it all up with action as well as words?

3.25-3.30pm Adrenaline Shot / Jasmine Williams, creative, The ONE School

In search of a mental boost and a much-needed link to the great outdoors when you are stuck inside? What biodiversity in nature (and houseplants) can teach us about the importance and positive effects of diversity & inclusion.

3.30-3.45 Lively / Why marketing needs to change Mike White, CEO and Mark Mitchell, CIO, Content & Digital, Lively.

Marketing is evolving faster than we ever imagined, with the amount of choice available changing at speed. Technology and content play a central role in creating live experiences that resonate emotionally and enhance connections with audienes. That's exactly what Live Marketing is, and it's what Livley was founded on. The future is about being live and connected - join us to find out how.

3.50-3.52 YouGov News / UK Best Brand Rankings​​​​​​​ #2

3.52-3.53 OMD Travel Forecast #2

4.00-4.15pm The Economist / The world in 2021Tom Standage, Deputy Editor & Head of Digital, The Economist

What should we all expect from 2021? Get The Economist’s perspective on the macro trends that will influence business, brands and consumers for the year ahead. It will not be about marketing. It may not all be good news. But it will be bracing, insightful – and fast.

4.15-4.20pm Adrenaline Shot / Jamal Parker, creative, The ONE School

What one creative learned while freelancing as a poet for brands and businesses during the Covid-19 crisis – and why it’s essential to pay artists on time

4.20-4.40pm Uncommon / An Uncommon Year Nils Leonard, Lucy Jameson, Natalie Graeme, Founders, Uncommon

They’ve gone from 0-60 in just three years, nailing the mood of 2020 with campaigns selling everything from telly to mental health to, well, nails. Find out why Uncommon is our Most Contagious Agency of the Year – and how they did it.

4.45pm Contagious / Day One review and wrap Alex Jenkins, Editorial Director, Katrina Stirton Dodd, Editor at Large, Paul Kemp-Robertson, Co-Founder, Contagious


10th December - Day two 

09:00 – 11:30 Contagious Classics 

You want to bathe in MORE business-building, award-winning, world-changing creative campaigns? Join Contagious co-founder, Paul Kemp-Robertson as he presents a curated selection of mind-expanding talks from some of our favourite Most Contagious speakers... What better way to warm up your brain for the stellar speakers we’ve lined up for Day Two? 

Volvo Trucks: Live Tests / Tobias Nordström, Forsman & Bodenfors

John Lewis: The Christmas Ad / Charlotte Wood & Martin Beverley, adam&eveDDB

Gillete: The Best Men Can Be / John Patroulis, Grey & Pankaj Bhalla, Procter & Gamble

Axe: Find Your Magic / Rik Strubel, Axe & Stephanie Feeney, 72andSunny

Oatly: The Oatly Department of Mind Control / John Schoolcraft, Oatly

Microsoft: Changing the Game / Kathleen Hall, Microsoft & Shayne Millington, McCann New York

The New York Times: The Truth is Worth It / Amy Weisenbach, NYT & Toby Treyer-Evans, Droga5

11.30 – 1.00pm LUNCH

1.00pm Welcome / Day two Alex Jenkins, Editorial Director, Contagious, Katrina Stirton Dodd, Editor at Large, Contagious

1.05-1.15pm The Contagious Year / Pt 2 Katrina Stirton Dodd, Editor at Large, Contagious

The themes that defined the year in creativity, continued.

1.15-1.40pm Samsung x Netflix x Aviation Gin / Talk-within-a-talk-within-a-talk Grace Dolan, VP Home Entertainment Marketing, Samsung, James Rowe, adam&eveDDB NY, 

A ‘sea of sameness,’ a tough sales target, three clients and a movie star to wrangle. Join us for a talk-within-a-talk-within-a-talk on how to create a campaign featuring a blockbuster movie, a super big QLED TV, and Ryan Reynolds’ gin.

1.40-1.50 Contagious / Social Commerce Amelia Markham, Strategist, Contagious

The rise of social ecommerce has changed the way that people shop. What was once a simple swipe up on Instagram has evolved to enhance the entire retail experience. In this session we’ll outline why social shopping is here to stay.

1.51-1.53 YouGov News / UK Best Brand Rankings #3

1.53-1.54 OMD Travel Forecast #3

2.00-2.05pm Most Contagious Campaigns of the Year / Pt 3 Bethan Ashman, Writer/researcher, Contagious

2.05-2.15pm NotCo / Appetite for Reconstruction Matías Muchnik, Co-Founder, NotCo

Want to know what building the future looks like? This Chilean startup is tackling one of our biggest sustainability issues by using AI to make plant-based alternatives to dairy and meat products. Find out what they do, how they do it, and why it matters.

2.20-2.30pm Contagious / Virtual Necessity Becca Peel, Strategist, Contagious

With brands compelled to push more of their business online, we’ll look at the challenges and opportunities this presents: who is making it work, and how? As almost every aspect of our lives now has a virtual equivalent, we’ll examine the implications for brands and their agencies.

2.30-2.50pm Bruce Daisley / The Resilience Myth 

We’re told to seek greater resilience. That being feeble, a snowflake or weak should be firmly discouraged. But whether we’re thinking about talking to audiences or thinking about ourselves we need to delete our notion of resilience: Bruce Daisley will explain why.

3.00-3.20pm Burger King / I made Moldy Whopper: roast me Fernando Machado, CMO, RBI

‘Awards-bait’. ‘Made for the industry, not consumers’. ‘Is this really the best way to sell a burger?’ In this session Most Contagious meets Mean Tweets as the man who made the Moldy Whopper faces down his harshest critics.

3.20-3.25 Adrenaline Shot / Mary Ergul, Strategist, Madewell

In search of a mental boost and a much-needed link to the great outdoors when you are stuck inside? What biodiversity in nature (and houseplants) can teach us about the importance and positive effects of diversity & inclusion.

3.30-3.40 Travel Revolution / 5 ways tech will be a booster shot to revive travel Jean Paul Edwards, Chief Product Development Officer, OMD, EMEA and Phil Rowley, Head of Futures, Omnicom Media Group UK

The travel industry is renowned for leading the way in technological developments that impact all sectors. The Travel Revolution posits that returning the category to pre-COVID levels will require not just a vaccine, but a series of technology-enabled “booster shots” to drive consumer confidence and inspire travellers to take to the air once more.

3.40-3.45 Most Contagious Campaigns of the Year / Pt 4 Sunil Bajaj, Staff Writer, Contagious

3.48-3.50 YouGov News / UK Best Brand Rankings​​​​​​​ #4

3.50-3.51 OMD Travel Forecast #4

4.00 - 4.05 Dentsu / Brave New Normal Pats McDonald, Chief Solutions Officer, Denstu Creative

Are we destined for a brave new world where personal avatars roam virtual landscapes wearing AR make up and digital sneakers? Or yearning for the homegrown and the handmade; embracing cottage core and human connection? The most interesting answer is both. Dentsu Creative’s Pats McDonald shares her predictions for 2021.

4.05-4.25pm Ben & Jerry's / Churning for change Anuradha Chugh, MD Europe, Ben & Jerry’s

Forget retrofitted purpose platforms. Ben & Jerry’s has always served its ice cream with a side-order of progressive social advocacy. In this interview with their European MD, we’ll discuss how a brand can use its voice to create ‘linked prosperity’ for suppliers, employees and customers.

4.25-4.30pm Adrenaline Shot / Brandon Heard, Strategist, R/GA 

The Four Forces of Allyship: What is it and how to obtain it 

4.30-4.45 Contagious / The Great Reset Patrick Jeffrey, Head of Advisory, Contagious

Rampant capitalism is failing us. Business is fundamentally broken, demands too much from the planet and enriches too few people. In this session, we’ll look at the arguments fuelling these concerns and ask: what must brands do next year to help drive positive change?

4.45pm Contagious / Day Two review and wrap Alex Jenkins, Editorial Director, Katrina Stirton Dodd, Editor at Large, Paul Kemp-Robertson, Co-Founder, Contagious


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