20 May 2019

Contagious Summer Bootcamp 2019 

On 16 July, we're going to get you match-fit for marketing with the Contagious Summer Bootcamp.

Our half-day event in London is designed to help attendees learn from the best so they can make the best work. Contagious will push you to ditch the flabby thinking with a personal brain training programme, comprising of:

CORE WORKOUT / Five masterclass keynotes from some of the industry's most-revered figures in their disciplines will improve your core skills in creativity and strategy.

SPEED & CARDIO / The Contagious team will make sure you are up to speed with the latest work and thinking by analysing the key themes and insights from the recent Cannes Lions festival.

HIIT / a series of rapid-fire provocations delivered by up-and-coming talent from the industry; you'll be left energised and inspired.

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Tickets are £200 + VAT for a half day of practical advice, learning, insight and inspiration. Get match-fit for marketing right now.

Confirmed speakers for HIIT (High-Intensity Inspirational Thinking) 

Alex Warren / Account Director at WildfireLee Trott / Senior copywriter at OLIVERJade Trott / Senior art director at OLIVERMatt Box / Senior strategist at George P. Johnson Experience MarketingMarlen Lutter / Project Director at SyzygyRonan Patrick / Data strategist at BBHMarisa Jensen / Designer at UstwoHannah Markus / Writer at We Are Social



13:30  WELCOME / Alex Jenkins Editorial Director, Contagious


Nils will talk about the traps, the tricks and the terrible side effects of what is called success in our industry. He will help you work out how to win when pitting creative integrity against the need to make money and talk about what’s he’s done that has held him back and what has made people want to hold him back.

14:10 CONTAGIOUS / Cannes Debrief Pt 1 / Katrina Stirton-Dodd, Head of Trends, Contagious

14:25 HIIT / Funny Business: What brands can learn from stand-up, Matt Box, Senior strategist, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

14:30 - 14:35 HIIT / F*ck Permission, Marlen Lutter, Project Director, Syzygy

14:35 USING INSIGHTS TO BE A CREATIVE CHAMPION / Adam Sheridan, Global Head of Service Offer, Ipsos Creative Excellence, Samira Brophy, Global Account Director, Ipsos Creative Excellence

14:50 HIIT / Why black Twitter is the driving force of the internet, Hannah Markus, Writer, We Are Social

14:55  HIIT / Why gaming is one of the biggest untapped opportunities in marketing, Ronan Patrick, Data Strategist, BBH

15:00 THE STRATEGY MASTERCLASS / Andy Nairn, CSO and Founder, Lucky General

Andy will share his advice on what makes a great strategy – with a little help from some famous friends

15:30 BREAK

16:00 WRESTLING CREATIVITY/ Laura Jordan Bambach, Chief Creative Officer, Mr President and Ex President, D&AD

The most extraordinary creative work is the result of collaboration, challenge and downright combat. It’s hot, sweaty business against opponents who don’t always play fair. And what shifts something from good to great is often not what you’d expect. So how do you get your agency in the right mode for tag-team awesomeness and equip them with the moves to win, even when you hit the ropes?

16:45 HIIT / Why diversity makes for better design, Marisa Jensen, Designer, ustwo

16:50 HIIT / Does 'joy' have real brand value or is it just marketing fluff? Alex Warren, Account Director, Wildfire PR

16:55 CONTAGIOUS / Cannes Debrief Pt 2 / Chloe Markowicz, Editor, Contagious

17:10 HIIT / The value of a good hiccup, Lee Trott, Senior Copywriter and Jade Trott, Senior Art Director, Oliver

17:15 THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN MAGIC WILL NEVER FIND IT / Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

The overriding culture in economics, business and policy-making focuses on a drive for objective improvements in efficiency. The problem is that, as humans, we do not care about efficiency very much at all: what we care about is meaning. And the glorious thing about meaning is that it isn't produced in smoky factories – it's produced in the mind.

17:45 WRAP UP / Alex Jenkins

17:50 DRINKS!


Our 2019 partners 

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Get yourself fit for the future by joining us in London on 16 July at The City Summer House, 17 Buxton St, London, E1 5EG

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