19 June / 12 - 2pm: The Ritualicious Lunch 

Join MSQ at the Contagious Villa in Cannes to learn about rituals and the hidden meanings behind why we do what we do

Wednesday 19 June / 12 - 2pm (CEST) / The Contagious Villa, Cannes

There are rituals that are essential to a well-lived life. We can see them all around us, if we know how to look.

More than routines or habits, rituals can help us perform under pressure, savour an experience, and connect more deeply with others.

They might seem small, but rituals infuse the mundane with meaning and emotion, and have a remarkable power to shape our moods, identities and choices.

So every smart marketer should know how they work, and how to use them.

In this session, you’ll get an exclusive look at research into 21st century rituals and what they mean for brands, undertaken by one of the world’s fastest-growing creative, tech and media groups, MSQ, and powered by WARC.

You’ll learn about the differences between habits, routines and true rituals; the core components of a ritual; and the role of rituals in modern culture, from reducing cognitive overload in the face of a 24-hour rolling news cycle to providing calm, comfort and connection in an increasingly secularised world.

Speakers / 

Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society

Kit Altin, Chief Strategy Officer, The Gate London

Eleanor Lloyd Malcolm, Managing Director, Freemavens

Rebecca Peel, Head of Advisory, North America, Contagious

Kate Howe, Executive Director, MSQ

Brands that respect rituals and their place in modern life have more opportunities to engage their customers because they truly understand the deeper motivations behind human behaviour — whether that’s playing in a broader range of moments; unleashing deeper connections or generating longer relationships.

This preview of one of behavioural science’s hottest topics will leave you feeling better-informed about the fascinating patterns that are all around us, and better equipped to harness them for your brand.

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