8 April 2020

Digital Reboot 

There’s more to digital marketing than optimisation and efficiency: it’s time to get serious about the brand-building potential of our digital creative

Digital Reboot – in partnership with Clear Channel  

Digital technology has over-delivered on all the wrong KPIs. Shady programmatic, insecure data, privacy concerns, obfuscation and complexity: all funded by advertising that may not even be effective.

While the term ‘performance marketing’ has become synonymous with low-effort, low-quality retargeting, we believe that adland needs to raise its game. In this session we’ll argue that in a world gone digital, we need to be more creative, not less, and share examples of brands that are successfully rebooting.

You’ll learn:

  • Why people doubt the merits of ‘performance marketing’ 
  • How prioritising value over cost cutting can elevate your digital comms 
  • How meaningful measurement can radically influence the performance of your brand 
  • What the smartest brands and agencies are doing to get the most from digital 

Aimee McKay, Client Partnership Director at Clear Channel, will also be joinging us to talk about Mass Localisation: The Path Out of Lockdown. As societies around the world start to emerge from the first phase of the Covod-19 crisis, what role can OOH play in galvanising communities and breathing life back into local economies?

This session is no longer available. If you want to watch a recording, or would like us to deliver the talk live for you and your team, please contact [email protected] for pricing.