8 April 2020

Marketing vs. Environment 

As the world consumes more conscientiously, find out how the smartest brands and marketers are adapting to thrive in a future where less is more.

Marketing vs. Environment – in partnership with Audiense

Advertising exists to drive consumption, but how do we reconcile that mission with the climate crisis, plastic pollution and diminishing resources? How do brands thrive in a world that wants less, not more?

In this 45-minute briefing we’ll examine how advertising and marketing can help effect the social change required to mitigate the unfolding ecological emergency. This full-length edition of our free briefing will provide a clear approach for brands and agencies to follow, along with examples of the legacy brands and startups leading the way, insights and analysis on the approaches they’ve adopted.

You’ll learn:

  • The role marketers and agencies can play in educating and motivating the public to help the environment 
  • How brands and agencies can adapt to – and encourage – consumers’ desire to embrace more sustainable lifestyles 
  • The four key behaviours that can dramatically reduce the impact of consumption 
  • The benefits that environmental responsibility bring to brands as well as the planet 
  • How legacy brands and startups are embracing – and communicating the need for change

This session is no longer available. If you want to watch a recording, or would like us to deliver the talk live for you and your team, please contact [email protected] for pricing.