8 April 2020

The Culture Framework: Free Livestream session 

Find out what it really takes to build your brand’s relevance and matter more in culture, inspired by the companies that do it best

Over the coming weeks we’re livestreaming a Lockdown Learning presentation every Wednesday at 2.30pm (UK), tackling the most pressing issues facing brands. Each session lasts between an hour and 75 minutes, and is packed with data and best-in-class examples.

Thanks to the largesse of our brilliant partners Verizon, this edition of Lockdown Learning will be brought to you completely free of charge. Can’t make the live date? Sign up anyway – all attendees and registrants will also receive on-demand access to the video of the presentation and Q&A, available to view (or rewatch) for one month following the session.

The Culture Framework –  brought to you by Verizon Media

In the battle for attention, connecting to culture is key to cutting through. But what does it mean for a brand to be culturally relevant? This session will provide practical, strategic advice on how brands can matter more, brought to life with some of the most culturally impactful campaigns from around the world.

You’ll learn:

  • Practical strategies for increasing cultural relevance and determining the right approach for your brand
  • How the most relevant brands earn their place in culture
  • How to move from reacting to cultural shifts to proactively shaping culture 
  • Clear missteps to avoid in the pursuit of cultural relevance 

Missed the live session? It’s not too late, you can view the on demand version for free here