Crowd-pleasing Creativity: advertising that entertains 

Learn from the brands that know fun is a serious business

When did advertising get so serious? Whether you blame it on the rise of Purpose or the pervasiveness of Performance, the feel-good factor has gone missing from much of our marketing. This briefing will look at why that’s happened, why it matters, and the mavericks and mischief makers that are rediscovering the joy of entertaining their way to effectiveness.

Synopsis / 

​​​​​​​The harder it gets to buy people’s attention, the smarter brands have to get at earning it instead. Through a selection of hand-picked case studies, we’ll showcase some of the world's most provocative, fun and effective work while explaining why entertaining your audience can be the quickest route to effectiveness.

You’ll learn:

  • Why humour makes for good advertising – and why it’s in decline
  • How ‘mental availability’ is connected to fame and what that means for marketers
  • Which brands do it best: and what you can take away from the campaigns we feature
  • What all marketers could learn from impresario PT Barnum

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