The Imitation Game 

Find out what AI-driven creativity can – and can’t – do for brands

The latest developments in the world of AI-driven creativity are as disturbing as they are exciting. The brave new world of Generative AI has suddenly made the transition from niche to mass-availability, and agencies and marketers are grappling with the implications. This session aims to accelerate your understanding of what the tech has to offer and why you should care.​​​​​​​


    A new generation of AI-driven creative tools (think ChatGPT for text, and DALL-E 2 and Mid Journey for image generation) has made headlines around the world, intensifying the debate about the automation of creativity and the implications for brands, agencies and the people they employ. Whether you believe in art or algorithms, understanding the creative – and commercial – potential is an essential part of any marketers toolkit. We’ll break down the exciting developments seen so far, examine the best examples of brands embracing the possibilities, and share our take on what this opportunity could mean for you.

    You’ll learn:

    • What we mean by ‘Generative AI’, how it works, and how it’s being used right now
    • How brands are experimenting with Generative AI and the benefits it offers
    • Why this technology raises questions about ethics, royalties, and how the space will ultimately be regulated
    • What it means for brands and agencies

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