The New Sustainability Narrative 

Find out what comes after ‘raising awareness’, and which brands are getting it right

Sustainability is the biggest challenge in a generation. Keeping your teams – and your consumers – engaged with it is a priority for every brand and agency. We’ll share the most inspiring responses from around the world to help stimulate discussion, ideas and action in this vital area.

Synopsis /

Pandemics and economic downturns may come and go, but the climate emergency will be the consistent backdrop to all our lives for decades to come. For brands and their consumers, the time to simply ‘raise awareness’ about the impact of global heating has passed: the new sustainability narrative must focus on action and solutions. In this session we’ll highlight the campaigns and initiatives that are leading the way. You’ll see a range of approaches from diverse brands and markets, with analysis of the insights that shaped them and take-aways that will help your team deliver more creative, impactful work in this area.

You’ll learn:

  • How brands are effectively building and communicating their sustainability impact
  • What really drives behaviour change
  • Which brands are responding most effectively to consumers’ sustainability concerns
  • Why Purpose has a meaningful role to play in building more sustainable businesses

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