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In an industry struggling to separate the signal from the noise, Contagious Magazine provides a curated, measured review of the most important developments driving marketing, technology and business creativity each quarter.

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A journal of big ideas /

For the time-poor leader or ambitious team looking to raise its game, Contagious Magazine quizzes the industry’s brightest minds and makes connections from their smart thinking to your brand planning.

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Wildfire introduces need-to-know projects in technology, design and consumer culture, while Small But Perfectly Formed features little brands with big thinking - both designed to help you stay ahead, rather than just keep up.

Case studies /

In depth, interview-based features that deconstruct the world’s most contagious brands. We unearth their insights, explain their strategies, and chart their business impact.


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Contagious 50 / 1st Quarter 2017

Changing ideas of masculinity, a growing cultural sensitivity to feminism and an increasingly crowded marketplace diminished Axe’s relevance. Our Brand Spotlight tells the story of how it reinvented itself to appeal to the modern man.

Our Brand Spotlight on Kenco looks at how the instant coffee brand reignited its ethical credentials. Coffee vs Gangs goes beyond marketing, giving Kenco a purposeful story and dramatically improving revenues.

What are the biggest challenges facing businesses in 2017? In The Genius Survey, we pick the brains of business leaders, marketers, academics and tech startup founders from across the world to find out.

And we speak to author and consultant Simon Sinek about the importance of trust and his mission for leadership to be more caring and empowering.

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