6 July 2022

Cannes Deconstructed 2022 

Our Cannes Deconstructed briefing looks at the most interesting and important trends from this year’s Cannes Lions festival, all through the lens of the winning work.

Packed full of case studies and original Contagious analysis, this one-hour session delivers behind-the-scenes insights from press conferences, interviews with the jury presidents and the creators of the award-winning work, leaving your team inspired to create their own award-worthy work. 

This year’s themes are:

Purposeful Partnerships 

Purpose is one of those things that we see year in, year out at Cannes – but this year the highest-awarded cause-driven work was often the result of unexpected, multilayered partnerships. Partnerships between brands and other organisations and communities, but also between brands and individuals. This section explores how collaboration leads to purposeful initiatives, impactful innovations, and strong business results.

Feel the Earn 

This year at Cannes, the world’s smartest marketing experts showed that most advertising is simply not noticed. But the harder it becomes to buy the attention of consumers, the smarter some brands are getting at earning it instead. In this section we’ll look at which entries over-indexed on eyeballs – and earned their way to impact with audiences.

Multiverse of Marketing 

A cluster of campaigns and initiatives won big this year by using digital technology to create new versions of reality. Whether it was righting wrongs or rewriting history, this work created bridges between the real world and a series of more utopian digital worlds. Welcome to the multiverse of marketing.

Mischief Managed 

With the shadow of the pandemic beginning to disappear after two long years, we’re witnessing a return to fun, playfulness and levity within marketing. Many of this year’s top winners acted mischievously to ruffle the feathers of competitors, stand out in boring or heavy categories and engage audiences by showing off their human side. In Mischief Managed, we’ll showcase the work of brands who are up to no good in the very best way.

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