20 June 2022

Cheil Connec+ and Contagious present: The Outperformers 

A new kind of company is changing expectations of growth, outperforming not just competitors but entire categories. Download our free report to find out who they are and how they do it.

A collision of market forces has given rise to a new breed of ambitious, high-growth companies that are capable of outgrowing their entire market instead of just growing within it.

It’s not just Amazon claiming more than half of all online purchases in the US or Tesla’s market cap eclipsing that of the next nine biggest automakers combined. There’s an ever-growing army of companies leveraging technology, capital and changing demographics to achieve rapid growth. They can be start-ups, scale-ups, or turn-arounds businesses, and they can exist in any sector.

These are the outperformers, and they are changing the way that we eat, shop, work and play. If you want to know more about how they do it, download our free report below.

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