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The Most Contagious Report is back, and it’s packed with even more inspirational case studies and smart thinking because, quite frankly, we’ve all got our work cut out for us in the year ahead and every little helps.

Inside this free-to-download PDF you’ll find the best campaigns of the year, strategy interviews with the teams behind the work (taken from our members-only intelligence platform, Contagious IQ) and we’ll reveal the 2023 Most Contagious Brand of the Year.

Beyond our analysis of ads and brands, you’ll also find:

  • Contagious trend / The end of ‘social’ media?
  • Contagious trend / The rise of fakery
  • Contagious trend / The imitation game and generative AI
  • Contagious trend / Why Creative doesn’t pay
  • Magic Numbers / What we learned about marketing effectiveness in 2023
  • Creative Equals / How brands should navigate the culture wars
  • The Economist / Ten trends to watch in 2024
  • A year in advertising research
  • What marketers can learn from 2023 (yes, we know. But still...)

Enjoy, and good luck out there in 2024.

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*i.e. free if you don’t put an inflated sense of value on your work contact details

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