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Intelligence: Igniting exceptional ideas 

Contagious Intelligence is fuel for creative and strategic thinking. Whenever you need to brief more effectively, develop more compelling strategies or inspire your teams with world-class creativity, our Contagious I/O tool can help.

Advisory: Contagious thinking, up close and personalised 

Bespoke presentations, workshops and reports delivered with impact and insight. Our researchers and strategists help you adapt to change and unlock competitive advantage with our independent advice and unique perspective on creative innovation.

Events: Roll up and be inspired 

Our events bring Contagious Intelligence to life. Contagious speakers and expert guests dissect the best work and decode vital trends, to provide actionable insights. This atmosphere of inspiration attracts the most forward-thinking brands and agencies. Join them.

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15 October 2018

A Solid Insight 

Yifei Chai, UNIT9's innovation architect, on what Sir Tim Berners-Lee's new venture, Solid, could mean for marketers

Contagious I/O15 October 2018

Domino's, If This, Then Domino's 

Pizza delivery chain syncs orders with personal events

Sophia Epstein18 October 2018

Bloody risky 

Bodyform broke through unconscious biases with its Blood Normal campaign. Everyone should try it

Magazine: Intelligence that’s fit to print 

Each quarter, Contagious magazine separates the signals from the noise with a curated, measured review of the most important developments driving marketing, technology and commercial creativity. If you’re a business leader who sees advantage in creativity, it’s for you.

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