Contagious I/O21 January 2019

In this week's highlight from the Contagious I/O platform, Gillette causes controversy with ad calling for men to be better

21 January 2019

Campaigns that won the spotlight 

The best-in-class examples of campaigns that earned media and increased exposure, from the vaults of our I/O intelligence tool

Contagious Contributor 17 January 2019

Designers and writers: a new conversation for 2019 

How copywriters and designers can work together to adapt to the era of computer conversation

Contagious I/O14 January 2019

BMW, Certified 

In this week’s highlight from the Contagious I/O platform, BMW recycles old ads to promote its second-hand cars

Contagious I/O11 January 2019

We Have To See More Of Each Other 

We speak to Leo Burnett about the tiny liquor brand that made a huge impact with its emotional Christmas campaign

Contagious I/O7 January 2019

Bike for Brussels, The Earworm of the Day 

In this week’s highlight from the Contagious I/O platform, a public body uses earworms to get a safety message through to cyclists

Contagious Team 7 January 2019

We’re hiring! 

New year, new job working for Contagious?

Contagious Contributor 3 January 2019

How to get dark social right 

Looking for someone to shed light on Dark Social? We Are Social's research and insight director, André van Loon, shares his knowledge

Contagious Team 18 December 2018

The 6 things that weren’t advertising that got us talking in 2018 

The Contagious team gives you their insights into the things, people and moments that defined this year

Contagious Contributor 17 December 2018

Most Contagious Campaigns of the Year: analysis 

What the Most Contagious campaigns of the year say about marketing

Contagious Team 17 December 2018

Jackson Hole, Tag Responsibly 

Travel board raises awareness of nature conservation using Instagram’s location feature

Contagious Team 14 December 2018

The Most Contagious Report 2018 

Our rundown of the biggest trends and best campaigns of the year