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At Most Contagious we distil a year’s worth of advertising insights and trends into a day of inspirational talks.

No panels, no pointless celebrity guests. Just meticulously curated content that will help you to hit the ground running in 2023.

On 24 November at the Business Design Centre in London, we’ll host the marketers, strategists, and creatives behind 2022's standout work, including a breakdown of Hellmann's controversial (and successful) embrace of purpose, the Grand Prix winning Vice Unfiltered History Tour and Virtue’s badass Backup Ukraine initiative.

The Contagious team will break down the trends that will shape the marketing year ahead, from the cost-of-living crisis to AI creativity to the evolution of Web3 – and the opportunities they unlock. We’ll also hear The Economist’s take on the bigger picture: the macro themes that will create the context for the year ahead.

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Full Agenda  

SESSION ONE (9 - 10.45am)

Opening Address / Paul Kemp-Robertson, co-founder, Contagious

​​​​​​​What's in a name? Why contagious creativity matters

Cost of Living Creativity / Katrina Stirton Dodd, editor at large, Contagious

We’re about to find out if constraint really does increase creativity… Having seen off the worst of the pandemic, 2022 has racked up a whole new set of economic challenges for brands and businesses to negotiate. From energy prices to inflation, consumers are feeling the pinch and watching the pennies: so how do brands respond? In this session we’ll break down the best responses we’ve seen and the thinking behind the creativity that connects when times are hard. When the going gets tough, the tough get creative.

The Unfiltered History Tour / Harsh Shah, managing partner, Dentsu Webchutney

Museum tours don’t usually set out to challenge the historical record and subvert the institution they take place in – but three Grands Prix from Cannes suggest that sometimes it’s worth shaking things up a bit. Find out how – and why – an agency 5000 miles away changed the narrative around the British Museum’s ‘stolen goods’.​​​​​​​

Samsung: Join the Flip Side / Thom Dinsdale, Global Planning Director, W+K Amsterdam and Annika Bizon, Marketing Director Samsung UK

When you’re competing with the most valuable brand in the world how do you get your product embedded in the psyche of their loyal fans and lure them into trying something new? Samsung’s Join the Flip Side campaign made it look easy, touching a nerve with the public and helping them see the world – and their phones – differently. Join the people behind the work to learn how this habit-busting idea emerged as one of the most entertaining and memorable ads of the year.

Look Ahead Competition Winner / Global Team

Find out the winner of Look Ahead, a competition to push the boundaries of out-of-home advertising and bring positive and eye-catching creative to the capital, launched by Global in partnership with Transport for London and Contagious. Selected by a lineup of industry luminaries, the winning team will see their idea produced and placed on all 15 digital ribbon screens across the TfL network in a 2-week campaign worth £150,000.

SESSION TWO (11.15am – 1pm)

What Next for Marketing and Web3? / Chloe Markowicz, editor, Contagious

It’s been a tough year for the Web3-curious. The NFT scene peaked – and then troughed. The dawn of the Metaverse? As yet unbroken. But the potential of Web3 continues to fascinate marketers with an eye on the future. Is there enough substance to merit that attention and where is the value for brands with ambitions to embrace the Web3 world?

Everything you know about how brands grow is wrong / Professor Felipe Thomaz, associate professor of marketing, Saïd Business School

The debate around creative effectiveness has been a strong and consistent thread running through 2022 and at Contagious we’re committed to helping our audience to understand the business impact of creativity. So when someone pushes back against the most influential marketing doctrine of the last ten years, we want to hear more. In this session Professor Felipe Thomaz spells out the problem with the ‘over simplification’ of marketing, the truth about differentiation and the role of creativity.

Back Market: Hack Market / Gaëtan du Peloux, CCO, Marcel and Claudia Illán, Copywriter, Marcel

Pushing pre-loved products in a world that worships the new is no walk in the park – but French newcomer Back Market has parlayed irreverence and ingenuity into a brand that’s both aspirational and sustainable. Find out how an upstart marketplace for refurbished tech found its voice – and became the most valuable startup in France.

Shift | A Marketing Rethink / Mark Holden, worldwide strategy & planning director, PHD

Advancements in data and technology, and the disruption of a global pandemic have radically reorganised the world of marketing communications – changing how people consume media, what they expect from brands, and even how marketers work together. Drawing on key insights from PHD’s new book, Shift | A Marketing Rethink, this session will show you how to navigate these changes and help your organisations survive and thrive in the future.

Backup Ukraine / Morten Grubak, global ECD, Vice and Christine Smith, senior creative, Innovation, VIRTUE Worldwide

There’s a saying that goes ‘If you want to destroy a nation, kill its culture’. As Putin’s war in Ukraine drags on, the battle to ensure that its culture is preserved is being waged with mobile phones, state-of-the-art scanning technology and and an eye on the future. In this session we’ll hear how a project started by ad agency Virtue is creating a virtual blueprint for the country’s buildings and artefacts – captured by the people, for the people – that cannot be erased.

SESSION THREE (2.30pm – 3.50pm)

The Imitation Game / David Beresford, strategist, Contagious

Image-generation tech has hit headlines around the world in 2022, intensifying debate about the automation of creativity and the implications for brands, agencies and the people they employ. DALL-E 2 may hint at what’s to come, but whether you believe in art or algorithms, understanding the creative – and commercial – potential is an essential part of every marketer’s toolkit

Hellmann’s: Mayonnaise on a mission / Christina Bauer-Plank, global brand vice president Hellmann’s and Regan Warner, global creative director Ogilvy

When your own shareholders are putting the squeeze on purpose and holding your brand up for ridicule, it’s time to get out and spread the word about what clear values have been doing for your bottom line. Find out how fighting food waste has galvanised the world’s leading mayonnaise brand – and consumers – to tackle ‘fridge blindness’ and make Terry Smith eat his words.

The World Ahead 2023 / Tom Standage, deputy editor, The Economist

What are the key trends that will shape the coming year in politics, business, technology and culture? Tom Standage, editor of The World Ahead, the future-gazing report series published by The Economist, provides a whistle-stop tour of what to expect in 2023.

The Most Contagious Campaigns of the Year / Contagious Team

The pick of this year’s stand-out creative marketing will be fêted and debated, discussed and dissected by the Contagious team - but which will be declared the Most Contagious Campaign of the Year?

SESSION FOUR (4.20pm – 5.35pm)

Sheba: Hope Grows / Sam West, global brand manager, SHEBA at Mars, Emily Brydon, strategy director, AMV BBDO, Laura Balfour, account director, Mars Petcare, AMV BBDO

No-one really expected a cat food brand to launch the world’s biggest coral reef restoration project, but Hope Reef is the (literally) living proof that purpose and hard-nosed pragmatism go hand in hand. Find out what it took to get this double grand prix-winning initiative off the ground – and into the water – and why this is just the beginning.

British Airways: A British Original / Nils Leonard, founder, Uncommon

How do you make an airline with a 102 year history feel modern? How do you restore optimism to a category that’s been battered by travel restrictions and is facing challenges around sustainability? Join Uncommon and BA to find out why 500-plus unique ads were just the ticket to reconnect consumers to the magic of flying.

The Most Contagious Brand of the Year / Sunil Bajaj, Contagious

We'll reveal our choice for 2022's hottest brand, showcase some awesomely inspirational creative work, and explain the strategy behind the company's success.

Opportunities in 2023 / Alex Jenkins, managing partner, Contagious

There may be trouble ahead, but where some see a glass half empty, Contagious prefers to see the glass half full… 2023 will have its share of opportunities, and we’ll be sharing the ones we think are most significant to brands in the year ahead. Whether you work in an agency or client-side, we’ll help set you up to face the music and dance your way through the year ahead.

DRINKS (5.35 – 6.45pm)

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