All the details on our monthly and annual events from MOCO, Contagious Live and Cannes where we blend insights and wit into one evening plus our annual flagship event which distils a year of marketing insights and innovation into an action-packed day.


Contagious events bring breakthrough ideas to life to inspire innovation

Most Contagious 

At Most Contagious we distil a year’s worth of marketing insights and trends to help you make better, braver work. And for the first time, we’re curating separate line-ups for UK & EU, US and Asia Pacific audiences. Each event will comprise two days of informative and inspirational talks, live-streamed from the hot-pink Contagious studio.

Join us to learn about the strategies behind some of the best campaigns from around the world, and the trends and tech that will shape marketing in the year ahead.

Contagious Live(stream) 

You feasted on our Lockdown Learning webinars. Prepare to gorge on Contagious Live(stream) – a weekly series of insight-rich webinars designed to satisfy your virtual Contagious cravings all the way until December.

Each session will be brought to you FREE and take place on a Wednesday at 4.00pm (BST). By registering, you can also watch or re-watch each presentation on demand for one-month shortly after the live event. 

Contagious Bootcamp APAC 

Ever felt your brain sweat? Well, now's your chance because the Contagious Bootcamp is coming to Asia-Pacific.

Join our online event on 29 September, between 12pm and 4pm (AEST), for a curated brain-training programme delivered by some of the smartest thinkers and practitioners in APAC advertising, as well as the Contagious team (who can be pretty smart, too, when they want to be).

Sponsorship opportunities 

If you’re looking to reach the Contagious audience of forward-thinking folks from brands and ad agencies, we offer a series of sponsorship opportunities, including events, throughout the year. Get in touch for details.

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  • Smashing Stereotypes: Gaming 

    Most of us have moved on from depicting gamers as spotty teenagers in their dark, musty bedrooms, playing World of Warcraft until the small hours. But are we, as an industry, still turning a blind eye to the enormous growth in gaming and esports around the world? Find out in our next live stream.

  • Smashing Stereotypes: Wellness 

    From the food we eat to the air we breathe, and from how we move in the day to the quality of our rest at night, our collective wellness has never been in sharper focus. In this webinar, we’ll highlight the brands that are finally making wellness accessible to all, breaking with its tired image as the preserve of those with the time and cash to burn.

  • Most Contagious 

    At Most Contagious you’ll learn how to create better, braver work from the people responsible for some of the year’s most effective and creative campaigns. With our meticulously curated programme of talks, we’ll also distil the year’s most vital advertising trends and technologies, separating the signal from the noise to help you hit the ground running in 2021.