All the details on our monthly and annual events from MOCO, Contagious Live and Cannes where we blend insights and wit into one evening plus our annual flagship event which distils a year of marketing insights and innovation into an action-packed day.

Contagious events bring breakthrough ideas to life to inspire innovation

Most Contagious 

Our flagship Most Contagious event distils a year of marketing insights and innovation into an action-packed day to lead you to better work. Join us to learn about vital trends, understand the strategies behind world-class campaigns and interact with the hottest tech. Give us a day, we’ll give you a year.

Contagious Live 

Contagious condenses its unique blend of insights and wit into one rapid-fire evening. These sessions feature stand-out campaigns, a creative pitch battle, a live interview and our editorial take on a new trend or idea.

Contagious at Cannes 

Whether at our villa or on stage in the Palais, Contagious works with a select group of agencies and marketers to deliver killer presentations and events. For 15 years we’ve added some Contagious spice to the industry’s most influential festival, through our private trend briefings, curated panel sessions and bespoke events.

Sponsorship opportunities 

If you’re looking to reach the Contagious audience of forward-thinking folks from brands and ad agencies, we offer a series of sponsorship opportunities, including events, throughout the year. Get in touch for details.

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  • 10 Commandments, Ten Steps to Brand Bravery 

    From asking heretical questions to weaponising your audience, Contagious co-founder Paul Kemp-Robertson joins George P. Johnson to examine inspiring campaigns from a wide range of categories, media channels and regions.

  • Contagious Live, London 

    Join us on Thursday, 30 April for the second Contagious Live event of 2020. We're delivering an evening of rapid-fire inspiration and insights, with: A keynote from Contagious, the notorious campaign-of-the-month pitch battle, pizzas and beer