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10 January 2023

Lego targets grown-ups with appeal to mindfulness 

Toy maker creates new ad and late night event series to persuade adults to build their way to peace of mind

Lego has launched a new ad that reflects the mindfulness benefits of its brick models for adults. This is the latest ad in the Find Your Flow series, a brand platform that promotes the mental, creative and relaxing benefits of Lego’s products.

The film, made in-house, features a woman returning home to build the Lego Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza set. Clicking the pieces together at her kitchen table helps her transcend to a clearer space without distractions. Her efforts are intercut with a group of dancers, who use ancient Egyptian hand choreography called ‘finger-tutting’ to reflect the iconic sound of Lego bricks snapping together.

Along with the film, Lego and PR agency Golin launched a series of Lego Late events in October at Lego stores in Leicester Square, London; Fifth Avenue, New York; and People’s Square, Shanghai. These were aimed at Adult Fans of Lego (AFOLs), and featured insightful talks, performances and fashion shows to inspire guests and ‘Help them find their flow’.

The London store hosted a Bafta Masterclass that celebrated the film industry with costume designer and stylist PC Williams, musician Skip Marley performed a live concert in New York, while fashion designer Grace Chen created a fashion show in Shanghai.

Contagious Insight 

Mind palace / The launch of this latest Find Your Flow ad coincided with the publication of a report from Lego into the mental wellbeing of 33,429 adults across 33 markets worldwide. The 2022 Play Well Study reveals that 93% of adults feel stressed out, 53% state that they find it hard to switch off and 80% are actively looking for new ways to relax. But the study also uncovered that ‘playing’ could be the solution to these wellness issues, with 86% saying that ‘play’ helps them unwind from work, 88% responding that it helps them to relax and 78% saying that doing something manual or creative feels ‘more fulfilling’.

Lego’s Find Your Flow and Adults Welcome platform is a manifestation of this insight, designed to rationalise to adults why buying and enjoying Lego is positive for their mental wellbeing. In 2021, Lego also released a series of three humorous ads showing how adults with hectic lives found serenity through Lego. The new Lego Lates activations helps to take this idea a step further, creating a space for AFOLs to congregate and express themselves. But from a commercial perspective, it also drives consumers to its stores in three major cities with the aim of them purchasing a set to take home with them.

The kid inside / In recent years, Lego has launched sets designed specifically for adults to build and display, including its 2021 Botanical Collection. It’s a smart play for Lego to broaden its targeting to adults, and the genius aspect of the Find Your Flow platform is how it gives people the permissibility to enjoy Lego as they grow older, shifting perceptions from it being a toy and slightly frivolous expense, to one that competes more closely with yoga classes, mindfulness apps or gardening.

Genevieve Cruz, Lego’s head of products for adult audiences, says: ‘The Lego Group has championed the importance of quality, creative play for nine decades now, but Lego building isn’t just for children. Getting creative with Lego bricks helps adults to relax, feel creative and get a real sense of achievement, it transcends age, and has benefits for builders both young and old.’ You can read more about how Lego has stayed relevant through the last nine decade in our Contagious 2021 Brand Spotlight here.

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