McDonald's captures candid customer reactions for OOH campaign 

The fast-food giant in Colombia used photos of happy customers receiving their meals to promote its home delivery service

In March 2023, McDonald’s launched an out-of-home campaign that captured people’s reactions when they received their food order to promote its home delivery service.

A Second of Happiness saw the McDelivery Crew secretly take photos of customers when handing them their McDonald’s orders. The pictures were taken using cameras installed in their caps.

The campaign was made with DDB, Colombia, and captured ‘happy chaos’ ­– a phrase McDonald’s uses to describe the rush of emotions people feel when their doorbell rings to announce the arrival of their food.

The ads featured the time and date that the photos were taken, along with the employee who took the picture. The photos used in the campaign had the necessary legal permissions and rights granted by the people who appeared in them.

Results / According to the agency, McDonald’s was able to achieve a 20% growth in delivery service through its own channels during the campaign activation days. 

Contagious Insight 

Uncut version / McDonald’s is attempting to drive interest and sales in McDelivery by capturing real moments of excitement when a McDonald’s delivery arrives. A Second of Happiness is a flex of consumer brand trust and love and shows off the fast food chain’s confidence to produce creative that’s raw and rough around the edges.

On this, Tom Sussman, head of planning at Leo Burnett London, spoke to us about McDonald’s UK’s Raise Your Arches Campaign and said, ‘As we’ve gained people’s trust and love, we’ve been able to say less and less – basically confident enough to be more and more minimal. The more transactional you make an ad and the more clear that it’s from a brand – the less emotional it is. And to become more emotional, the less product focused, branded, transactional or commercial the creative has to be.’  Here, McDonald’s in Colombia leverages this strategy by opting for out-of-home ads that are authentic and unrefined, rather than edited and staged. By doing so, it creates work that’s emotionally relatable, allowing people to see themselves in the ads.

Change of place / In our write-up of McDonald’s UAE’s The Drive-Thru School campaign, we explored McDonald’s Accelerating The Arches strategic framework for growth, where one of the key pillars of the framework is to ‘Double down on the Three Ds’: digital, delivery and drive-thrus. It's smart of McDonald’s to push its delivery in Colombia as in 2022, it had the third highest share of the online food delivery market in Latin America, making it a lucrative segment for QSR to take advantage of. As such, it needs to sell that the thrill of going to a McDonald’s extends beyond its restaurants or the car, and stress that receiving a McDonald’s at home is just as exciting as heading to your nearest set of Golden Arches. By capturing real people happily receiving their McDelivery, it not only underlines the consumer truth (the ‘happy chaos’ of your delivery arriving), but it also blows up the relatable domestic moment into a huge billboard. The low-res, gritty quality of the images also help the ads to stand out among the usual glossy and staged out-of-home ads.

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