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24 January 2023

Saudi Ford dealer sells affordable SUV on food delivery app 

Riyadh Ford dealer Al Jazirah Vehicles uses HungerStation food app to communicate the Territory SUV's low price

The Ford Territory was launched with price sensitive customers in mind, so when it was unveiled in Saudi Arabia in November 2022, Riyadh Ford dealer Al Jazirah Vehicles promoted the SUV on one of region’s most popular food delivery apps, HungerStation, to highlight the low price. The campaign was created by Wunderman Thompson KSA, Riyadh.

HungerStation operates in more than 80 cities across Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and works with over 10,000 partners, including restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies and flower shops. The food delivery app currently gets over 2 million active daily users, according to the agency.

On the app, customers could select an SUV model, explore the specs and customise the options, and were even given an estimated delivery time. Payment was also conducted through the app, with free delivery included in the purchase (vehicle registration documents were given to the purchaser to sign upon delivery).

​​​​​​​Results / According to the agency, the campaign garnered 130 million impressions in three weeks. 21,701 cars were added to customers’ carts and three people completed their purchases by paying through the app.

Contagious Insight 

Adjust the picture / Framing information in a certain light can influence customer choice – a behavioural bias known as the Framing Effect. Here, Al Jazirah Vehicles taps into this effect to underscore the Ford Territory’s affordable credentials. By placing the SUV on the same platform that customers use to order restaurant food quickly and easily, Al Jazirah Vehicles encourages customers to think that investing in the SUV is as attainable and easy to buy a meal. While it is unlikely that appearing on the app would prompt impulse purchases (the SUV does cost around SAR80,000/$21,000 after all), the campaign cleverly seeds the low price point by turning up in such a surprising context.

That Affordable campaign brings to mind Transavia’s #SnackHoliday campaign, another smart initiative that used the framing effect by turning plane tickets into snack packets. Both campaigns successfully reframe the idea of big investments by placing the product in an environment that is approachable and regarded as affordable.

Product placement / HungerStation’s large customer base (which predominantly comprises young adults) makes it the ideal platform for the car dealer to promote the affordable SUV. But instead of just churning out a series of pop-up ads, Al Jazirah Vehicles went the extra mile and harnessed the app’s full functionality to engage its users. The ad is seamlessly integrated with the other retail offerings, and so encourages online shoppers to explore the car in the same way that they explore their food deliveries. Whether or not customers purchase the car from HungerStation, intrigue alone might encourage customers to click on the ad and learn a bit more about it, while the sheer surprise and industry-bucking nature of the campaign is likely to help spread awareness and gain earned media.

According to the agency, with tight end-of-year budgets and competitive automotive clearance adverts, Al Jazeera Vehicles needed to find a way to move away from industry norms and differentiate themselves from other brands. Here, the campaign achieves this by tapping into the Isolation Effect, which suggests that people are more likely to remember something that stands out from the crowd. By applying distinctive communication, the new Ford Territory stands apart from the usual billboards or TV commercials with emotional music that car adverts are well known for. Al Jazirah Vehicles have found a more memorable form of communication with its customer that may encourage users to recall the product.

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