Supermarket creates low-res website so rural customers can shop online 

Peru's PlazaVea Supermarkets chain make its website more accessible to locals in rural areas with weak internet

In April 2023, Peruvian chain PlazaVea Supermarkets created a down-scaled version of its website to allow shoppers in rural areas with a poor internet connection to shop online.

High-resolution images require a longer processing time, so when the PlazaVea website detects poor internet reception, it switches to a 72% down-scaled version that can function on a 2G network.

Also, to avoid customers losing their online orders due to a poor or unstable internet connection, the website keeps order payments on hold until there is a better internet signal so transactions can be completed.

The Redesigning for E-nclusion initiative was created with Fahrenheit DDB Lima, Peru.

Three PlazaVea stores in Cusco deliver to rural areas and the supermarket chain plans to add a further four in other provinces by 2024. The campaign is ongoing and is being promoted through radio, out-of-home and Facebook.

Results / According to the agency, the supermarket made over 300 deliveries during the first week and PlazaVea’s website experienced a 10% increase in website traffic.

Contagious Insight 

All in / Redesigning for E-nclusion is an excellent example of a brand personalising its services to improve the shopping experience for a specific customer, driving inclusivity to drive sales. The Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) noted in 2020, ‘By 2018, 80% of towns in Peru (most of them rural) lacked internet coverage, and approximately 4 million Peruvians had only the possibility to connect via 2G, but they did not have internet access.’ Given 27.7% of Peruvians live in rural areas, that’s a sizeable customer base to tap into. But making these inclusive adjustments to the website doesn’t just better the online shopping experience for customers, it’s also a smart business move for PlazaVea. As Byron Sharp says in his book How Brands Grow, the goal for brands should be to recruit as many customers as possible. Every brand has a few heavy buyers and a few occasional buyers but attracting these light buyers is what makes or breaks market share.

From start to finish / Retailers lose out $18bn in sales when it comes to abandoned shopping carts, so a key element of this initiative is how the website approaches customer checkout. According to 2022 data from Baymard Institute, one of the reasons online shoppers abandon their carts is because of a website crashing. PlazaVea has considered the whole shopping experience, and rather than just focusing on the viewability of webpages, it also ensures that shopping carts aren’t abandoned because of an unstable internet connection – a smart move that, again, delivers on both accessibility and business terms.

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