Cannes Lions: Direct winners 2018 

Palau Pledge wins Direct Grand Prix

The Cannes Lions Direct jury today awarded the Grand Prix in its category to Palau Pledge. The eco-initiatve, created by Host/Havas, Sydney, changed the nation’s immigration policy, for the government-backed Palau Legacy Project.

Inbound tourists are now required to sign a pledge to the children of Palau in their passports upon arrival to the island. The promise took the form of a five-stanza poem, titled the Palau Pledge, urging visitors not damage or exploit the Pacific Island’s natural resources. A compulsory eco-educational video installed on all in-bound flights to Palau was also another key part of the initiative, which launched at the UN on 7 December 2017.

Contagious interviewed Seamus Higgins, executive creative director at Host/Havas Australia, earlier this year about the project. He explained how, ‘To be effective, it had to get into the hands of every Palau visitor. The number one demand to the creative teams was this must be something that hasn’t be done before. 

‘We had three main ideas. One of them involved temporarily changing the name of the country. We were going to add a ‘Limited Edition’ to the end of Palau’s name and, basically, all the comms would follow from that. Another idea was to put our messaging onto the island’s currency, thereby getting our message into the hands of every tourist. These ideas were discussed as serious options. But the Palau Pledge, and the promise to the children of Palau, just struck an immediate chord with the client.’

Describing how they approached the definition of Direct, jury president Susan Credle, FCB Global's chief creative officer, said, ‘From a direct marketing standpoint, we had to look at it in a open, modern way. Trying to understand a response mechanism is today is really interesting. When we're using modern tools, we're asking people to co-create and respond to an idea with an action.’

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