27 June 2022

Cannes Lions: Glass Lions Winners 2022 

We Capital collects its second Grand Prix for its female financial inclusion campaign, Data Tienda

After scooping the top award in the Creative Data category, Mexican financial institution We Capital and agency DDB Mexico, Mexico City, have won their second Grand Prix for Data Tienda.

The campaign took the Grand Prix in the Glass: The Lion For Change category – an award given to culture-shifting creativity that tackles gender inequality, injustice and imbalance.

Data Tienda, helps Mexican women to rebuild their credit histories and gain access financial services, by collecting and analysing their payments with neighbourhood businesses to build credit history information.

The initiative launched in January 2021 and by December of the same year, more than one hundred women had received their first microcredits for their businesses, and the scheme was expanded from Mexico City to other major cities such as Puebla, Guadalajara, Morelia, and Monterrey.

The Glass Lions jury president and Snap CCO, Colleen DeCourcy, said that she and the other jurors chose Data Tienda because ‘83% of women in Mexico have no credit history, 35 million Mexican women are invisible to the banking system. They can’t get loans, they are unbanked. We had a piece of work [here] that basically re-looked at how you use data [and] took all these data points and created a credit history profile, allowing them to go on and create income for themselves.’

DeCourcy added: ‘The two things that we ended up talking about the most, was to what extent creativity was used as a tool to effect the change, […] and did the work spark a long term change that would continue to grow and carry on. This piece that we selected did exactly that.’

The Glass: Lions For Change Gold winners were:

Canadian Women’s Foundation / Signal For Help / Juniper Park\TBWA, Toronto

LACTA / Don’t Ever Leave Me / Ogilvy, Athens

Grupo Estrategigo Ge Pae / Morning After Island / Ogilvy Honduras, Tegiucigalpa

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