Contagious 2021 Genius Survey: Interactive Map 

From geo-political uncertainties to post-Covid seating plans, advertising industry professionals shared their concerns for the year ahead in Contagious’ first online Genius Survey.

Approximately 500 advertising professionals from almost 50 countries answered our survey question – what’s the single biggest issue facing business in the next 12 months?

AI insight firm Phrasia then analysed the responses and sorted them into clusters of themes.

Hover over the dots in the map below to read the responses.

Analysing the results, Phrasia co-founder Jeff Bradley said the responses within the ‘principles amidst uncertainty’ cluster were a ‘red flag’ for agency leaders.

Those responses were longer than any other – with 27% of answers over 80 words – and ‘we know from both employee and customer studies that high word count narratives are tipping points that correlate with lower [Employee Net Promoter Scores],’ said Bradley.

Agency staff were twice as likely as anyone else to write responses that fit within this cluster, suggesting that agencies are ‘reaching a critical crossroads,’ added Bradley. 

Further analysis revealed different attitudes and concerns in different countries.

Almost 20% of respondents in Germany answered the Genius Survey question with reference to digital transformation issues – twice the global average – suggesting ‘the return of forward-looking ambition,’ according to Bradley.

Respondents in Brazil meanwhile were more inclined to share geo-political concerns, which accounted for 28% of their answers, compared with 9% throughout the rest of the world.

The issues raised by US respondents showed an ‘emergent need for brands to “pick a side” on social issues,’ said Bradley, with 26% of answers fitting within the ‘brands in a wider context’ and ‘navigating landscape change’ clusters.

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