Victor Augusto & Luísa Fedrizzi

23 August 2021

Contagious Spotlight on Latin America: August 2021 

The Contagious team in Brazil picks its favourite campaigns from across Latin America over the past month, highlighting the creativity and strategy that makes the work relevant and interesting.

#PresasNos80 (#StuckInThe80s), Guaraná Antarctica / SOKO, Brazil 

Women’s football was more or less banned in Brazil until 1983 – and today the game receives only a fraction of the funding given to men. In fact, the investment into women’s football in 2020 is similar to what was put into the men’s game back in 1980. Alarmed by this situation, Brazilian football players Formiga, Tamires, and Bia Zaneratto went to the Tokyo Olympics carrying objects from the 1980s to draw attention to this disparity.

To support the women’s activism, soft drink Guaraná Antarctica released a retro bottle of its product (featuring one of its first labels) and donated the sales proceeds to Meninas em Campo, an NGO focused on women’s football in Brazil.

Contagious Insight 

Celebration with a cultural insight / Guaraná Antarctica turned 100 2021. #PresasNos80 was the brand’s opportunity to celebrate its history and connect with the Olympics. Rafael Ziggy, head of creative data at SOKO, commented on the strategy: “We wanted to rescue an old label and use it in a commemorative edition. But we needed something bigger to encourage this rescue, something beyond self-celebration.” The players’ initiative was the perfect moment for the brand.

More than money / Guaraná Antárctica and the Brazilian Football Federation have been partners for 20 years. With #PresasNos80, the brand showed that its commitment to women’s football goes beyond sponsorship. By the way, this is not the brand’s first campaign championing women’s sport: She Can, which won a Silver Lion at Cannes in 2021, is another good example of how the brand’s commitment works in practice.

Contrapromo [Counterpromo], Andes Beer / DraftLine BUE, Argentina 

For tax reasons, the Argentine province of Mendoza is often left out of brand promotions and contests. The warning ‘Promotion valid throughout the national territory, except in Mendoza’ is widespread in the country. Exploiting this sense of exclusion, Andes brewery and creative studio DraftLine created Contrapromo.

Reversing the usual situation, this promotion giving away free beers is only valid in Mendoza. The film states that all Argentinians can participate — but only Mendocinos can win.

Contagious Insight 

Local first / Local context is still crucial for brands connected to regional identities — which is the case of Andes in its home province, Mendoza. Contrapromo approaches themes such as belonging and identity in an irreverent and creative way: now Mendoza residents can get ‘revenge’ on the rest of the country.

Brand loyalty / Andes’ little revenge is a gesture of empathy towards Mendoza’s population. ‘Brands need to understand how to touch people again,’ said Christian Leal Saint-Jean and Sebastian Higueret Aquize (known as Los Amish), creative directors of DraftLine. The campaign aims to build loyalty through this empathic connection.

Todas as Campanhas do Mundo [All Campaigns in the World], Bis/David, Brazil 

Brazilian chocolate brand Bis inserted itself into classic advertising genres in its Todas as Campanhas do Mundo campaign.  The campaign was founded on the idea that everyone who loves Bis sees Bis everywhere, including in commercials for soap powder and such like. ‘After thorough research, we discovered this frightening symptom of uncontrolled behaviour: seeing Bis Xtra where there is none. We needed to alert consumers about it,’ said Fabrício Pretto, David’s creative director.

To keep the fun going, the campaign has a POS strategy: extra shelves of Bis among unusual products, such as personal care items.

Contagious Insight 

Nonsense on the rise / The success of series like Loki and Wanda Vision demonstrate the rise in popularity of impossibilities and absurdities in mainstream culture. Just as in RC Cola’s Basta in the Philippines, Todas as Campanhas do Mundo is an example of how brands can approach this feeling.

Recognizing clichés / As in It's a Tide Ad, the campaign explores classic ads. Satirising commercials is an effective way to connect with different generations who certainly watched these works. If advertising is a language by itself, playing with its traditional symbols is a fun and irreverent way to position your product. In the case of Bis, it is a smart evolution of the ‘lack of control’ concept that the brand has been working on for a while. 

[Translation: Ricardo Romanoff]

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