Victor Augusto & Luísa Fedrizzi

15 November 2021

Contagious Spotlight on Latin America: November 2021 

The Contagious team in Brazil picks its favourite campaigns from across Latin America over the past month, highlighting the creativity and strategy that makes the work relevant and interesting.

#RespeitoAoTempo (#HonourTime), Nescafé / DPZ&T, Brazil 

Nescafé and Brazilian agency DPZ&T created the #RespeitoAoTempo campaign to promote its specialty coffee line by reflecting on the value of time. The hero film is one long shot that lasts for about 4 minutes and contemplates the act of brewing coffee at home in an almost ritualistic way. The campaign also features three other 30-second films that cover the entire life cycle of coffee – from a seed to a packaged product.

Contagious Insight 

Advertising as art / Regardless of screen type, a film can make us dream. #RespeitoAoTempo transforms what could be just another ad about coffee into a small movie that evokes sensations and emotions connected to a culturally essential beverage in Brazil in an intelligent, well-crafted way.

Bold bet / Four minutes is an eternity when it comes to advertising, but Nescafé's bet on a contemplative film was based on an insight into consumer habits. ‘We found out that, unlike traditional coffee drinkers who normally seek stimulation and energy, those who choose specialty coffees are looking to enjoy a moment to disconnect, pamper themselves, relax, and be inspired,’ said Rachel Muller, the brand’s executive director.

#SACAtualiza (#CustomerSupportUpdate), Continental / Soko, Brazil 

Electrolux Group's affordable home appliances brand, Continental, returned to Brazil in 2020 with an advertising message about the division of household chores between men and women. In partnership with agency Soko, the brand has now created the #SACAtualiza campaign, which introduces Brazilian comedy influencer Esse Menino as a call center operator who irreverently answers people's queries about domestic workloads and gender equality on the brand's social channels.

Contagious Insight 

According to the plan / ‘We are focusing on people's everyday lives to challenge society to reflect on the fact that household work is everyone's responsibility.’ That's how Cris Duclos, Electrolux's VP of marketing in Latin America, defined the brand's positioning in its comeback. #SACAtualiza is yet another campaign in tune with the brand's long-term goals – something Soko has been working on consistently for the past year.

The right creator for the right campaign / Influencers are central to Brazilian brands’ communication strategy. According to a survey, 40% of the country’s consumers say the main driver of purchase decisions is influencers. But with this high demand for content creators, influencer marketing campaigns often result in commoditised work. This is not the case with "#SACAtualiza": the synergy between Esse Menino’s comedy content and the campaign's satirical proposal works perfectly with the brand's message.

Ticket de oro (Gold Ticket), Pago Fácil / Vendaval, Argentina 

Argentine payment service network Pago Fácil has introduced its ‘Ticket de Oro’ campaign to reward customers who visit the brand's locations to pay their bills. Every week throughout November, the brand will give away four gold replicas of its payment receipts, worth 100,000 Argentine pesos (about $999) each.

Contagious Insight 

The past carries on / While the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online commerce, a portion of consumers still like doing things face to face and keeping physical copies of documents like invoices and receipts. ‘The idea behind ​​the campaign came from listening to the consumer. From that we understood that there is a very powerful driver in the customer who chooses to make payments in person, since this renders a very particular value to the receipt itself. The consumer utilises it as a means of personal organization and this gives them a sense of security,’ said Vendaval founders Carmelo Masseli and Lucho Sanchez Zinny. Instead of treating these customers as old-fashioned, Pago Fácil chose to value their choice and use it as an opportunity to build on their relationship.

Gold Standard / Trust and security are two core values ​​of any financial service, and in the context of Argentina's volatile economy, Pago Fácil’s decision to reward customers with gold makes a lot of sense.

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