Innocent wins Global’s Look Ahead contest 

Juice and smoothie brand Innocent has won a two-week media placement across Transport for London sites with a campaign idea that takes commuters deep underground

Innocent Drinks has won Global’s Look Ahead contest with an OOH campaign concept that takes London’s commuters down into the earth.

The smoothie and juice brand’s idea uses innovative digital advertising formats to show how healthy soil is vital for producing nutritious fruits and vegetables, and explain what Innocent is doing to protect the environment.

Anto Chioccarelli, Global’s creative solutions partnerships director, and Paul Kemp-Robertson, co-founder of Contagious, announced that Innocent had won the Look Ahead at Most Contagious London on 7 December.

Innocent’s entry was chosen from a shortlist of seven by a judging panel comprising 13 leaders from across the ad industry.

One judge described Innocent’s entry as ‘a warm, upbeat and cutely voyeuristic idea that fuses entertainment and education’, while another said it was ‘very on-brand and with a clear call to action’.

As the winner of the Look Ahead competition, Innocent will see its ‘We Love the Underground’ campaign displayed on the digital gateway, digital runway and digital escalator ribbon screens across Transport for London (TfL) Elizabeth line stations at Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road and Farringdon in early 2024.

Accepting the Look Ahead award, Carol Feeley, Innocent Drinks’ executive creative director, offered ‘a massive thank you’, and told the audience at Most Contagious that she and her team were all ‘pretty surprised’ when they heard they had won. Feeley added that the award was a ‘good example of an in-house team working alone.’

‘It’s really exciting for us as a brand and a good example of how we’re trying to get more fruit and veg into people,’ she said. ‘And we look forward to seeing it live soon.’

This is the second Look Ahead competition hosted by Global, in partnership with Contagious and Transport for London. Havas won the inaugural contest in 2022, with a campaign demonstrating how virtual reality can help Alzheimer’s sufferers by immersing them in footage from the past.

Explaining the purpose behind the Look Ahead contest, Chioccarelli told the Most Contagious audience that Global was ‘on a journey to raise the bar for creativity in outdoor’ and create work ‘that matters’, and after the success of last year’s competition, Global wanted to ‘continue to champion the London transport network as a rich place for brands to tell a story.’

The brief for the Look Ahead contest is for ideas that ‘channel the limitless, eye-catching, sharable and experiential opportunities that out-of-home has to offer,’ added Chioccarelli, and take tube-users on an unforgettable journey with their brand.’

Chioccarelli said everyone involved in the competition was ‘truly impressed’ with the quality of this year’s entries, adding: ‘It was amazing to see what you can achieve creatively when an idea is designed for a channel or even more for a format rather than adapted to it.’

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