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4 April 2023

Lingerie retailer uses product shots to encourage cancer checks 

K-Lynn in the Middle East asked bra models to pose as if checking their breasts for cancerous lumps – and boosted online sales 23%

Challenge / More than 40% of Arab women have never scheduled a mammogram, despite numerous breast cancer awareness campaigns in the region. Early detection can increase the survival rate by 99%. K-Lynn, a leading lingerie brand in Lebanon, Dubai and Kuwait, wanted to launch a campaign encouraging women to act for early detection of breast cancer. 

Solution / A self-check takes just five minutes, while women in the Middle East spend an average of 60 minutes a day online shopping. Inspired by this insight, K-Lynn and agency Leo Burnett Dubai teamed up to created the Self-check out campaign.

K-Lynn reshot its entire lingerie collection with models posing as if checking their breasts for early signs of cancer. Each product was photographed to show the five steps of a self-check so that as shoppers scroll the website, they see step-by-step instructions for self-examinations. 

The imagery went live on K-Lynn’s website following breast cancer awareness month (October 2022) and was supported by social media content (posts, reels, stories) and influencer collaborations, along with digital screens and posters in K-Lynn stores across the region. An interactive chatbot on the website even provided shoppers with the option to schedule a mammogram screening at affiliated clinics.

Results / Visits to K-Lynn’s website increased by 43% and online sales increased by 23%, while 39,000 women engaged with the campaign’s social content. Most notably, there was a 47% increase in mammogram checks at affiliated clinics.

Contagious Insight 

Value-adds / As the campaign’s case study film points out, standard breast cancer awareness campaigns have had little impact in terms of encouraging self-examinations, and it’s not enough to reiterate how little time a check takes. By placing self-check instructions within the product photography on a lingerie website, K-Lynn reaches the target audience where they are already spending time, rather than trying to earn their attention elsewhere. But it’s not just a clever call to action – by adding a function that allows shoppers to book mammograms directly through the website, K-Lynn removes a barrier to action that prevents women from getting checked. This seamless experience created by a simple add-on is similar to a long-running campaign in South Korea, where a dairy company identified vulnerable residents by introducing a warning to its milk delivery scheme. By tapping into its existing delivery network and complementing, rather than disrupting, people’s existing behaviours, Maeil Dairies’ initiative was set up to succeed.

Fun facts / When it comes to medical advice, accuracy and accessibility is key. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. As this campaign shows, it’s possible to contextualise medical information – in this case, how to check for signs of breast cancer – in a way that brings it to life and makes it more relatable. While pondering colours, shapes and sizes, shoppers were also prompted to consider their breast health; when shopping for lingerie, breast cancer is likely not on consumers’ minds, and seeing it referenced in product shots of bras is confronting. By slotting the information into an ecommerce experience rather than using scare tactics, emotional messaging, or clinical terms or jargon, K-Lynn breaks with convention and stands out from the sea of breast cancer awareness messaging around this time (‘Pinktober’).

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