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James Swift

1 December 2022

Making customer engagement campaign moments that matter 

How Infobip can help you connect with your customers at every touchpoint

Although the digital world continues to evolve, shopping habits and customer trends continue to develop, with tailored, personalised and seamless digital customer experiences continuing to be the name of the retail game. A Mckinsey report illustrated that 71% of customers now expect personalisation in their consumer experience and 76% of customers get frustrated when they don’t experience it*.

In response to this evolution, brands have begun fast-tracking their adoption of new retail technologies. With an ever-growing array of platforms and approaches through which businesses can connect with customers, it can be difficult to focus engagement campaigns enough to deliver truly bespoke experiences.

Thankfully, there are now more ways than ever for your clients to engage with their customers – from social media and emails to websites and messaging apps such as WhatsApp. And with the increased rate of digital transformation over the past few years, it’s clear that the mass adoption of digital channels is here to stay.

Customer engagement is essential for your clients to connect with their audience and maintain a strong market presence. Indeed, during this period of consistent evolution, it is particularly important that digital agencies work with their clients to develop positive customer experiences and stay ahead of the competition.

With the rise of the modern ‘everything customer’, those individuals who demand a tailored service and memorable experiences every single time, personalisation has become critical. For digital agencies this presents an amazing opportunity to leverage new technologies and unlock new capabilities for clients. Emails, social media, landing pages, video content – your clients’ customers use all these and more to interact and engage with brands. Their journey across these channels provides essential data that informs your clients’ marketing, and while gathering it is relatively easy, managing it is less so.

Such an approach requires the management of an immense amount of data, and digital customer engagement platforms are crucial for this. These types of platforms enable your clients to consolidate data from a range of sources, from social and email to their order history. They also provide a single unified overview of your clients’ customers, so they can deliver effective customer service and identify avenues for potential growth in an agile, responsive way.

Without the right platform, your clients run the risk of launching campaigns based on inaccurate or incomplete information. Delivering a smooth, engaging omnichannel customer experience isn’t always easy. Meeting customers during the buyer’s journey, leaning on unique shopper data and personalising their experience requires time, effort and money.

The solution to this lies in automation. Using a digital customer engagement platform to automate processes and set up smart multi-step workflows enables your client to deliver a consistent, seamless experience within minutes. Those agencies that can offer their clients united communications on a single platform can generate further synergy between their messaging, strengthening the value of their automated strategy.

As a result, their customers receive a coherent, personalised service that appeals to the ‘everything customer’, driving engagement with timely, compelling, relevant and personal communications whilst unlocking time and growth for your clients.

Implementing a customer engagement solution at the heart of your client’s business is critical to the creation of future-ready customer engagement strategies. 

Moments from Infobip is a single, category-leading omnichannel communications hub that allows mid-sized specialist digital agencies to offer exciting new services to clients. It allows your clients to view their customers’ journeys and behaviours in a full 360° view, generating insights which can be developed into intelligent and predictive analytics.

Once you start compiling analytics, Moments makes it possible to plot personalised journeys to optimise customer experiences and increase the chance of long-term loyalty.

As a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, Infobip can help you connect with your customers at every touchpoint—on the app they love and trust. With a global reach and devoted base of users, WhatsApp Business Platform is uniquely positioned to help businesses grow revenue, reduce customer service costs and connect with customers where they want to connect. 

Infobip have compiled a dedicated eBook to showcase how Moments helps agencies work with clients to easily build seamlessly connected omnichannel engagement campaigns and deliver customer experiences that drive greater business revenues. With Moments and WhatsApp, your customer engagement campaigns finally get the reach, relevance, and response they deserve. Unlock seamless personalisation and create the tailored experience customers are demanding.

Discover how to effortlessly drive campaigns that target, engage and retain with one feature-packed solution and begin enjoying those moments when your campaigns get the reach they deserve.


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*Fourth edition State of the Connected Customer report.

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