From briefing to creative evaluation, we help your marketing teams understand the critical role that creativity plays in delivering brand growth and improve creative.

Apply smart Contagious thinking to your business

Contagious Research 

Our advisors use Contagious Intelligence to help you understand how creative opportunities can apply to your business. Get fresh perspectives and practical advice delivered with impact.

Creative Excellence 

Contagious nurtures creativity within your team through training, content, tools and consulting. From making the case for creativity, to briefing and evaluating creative work, our programmes galvanise companies around the critical importance of distinctive communications.

Briefings & Reports 

We deliver energising and inspiring briefings that educate audiences – from trainees to C-Suite. Whether it’s general inspiration or a trend focus, we’ll be the highlight of your company events.

Some questions we can help you answer 

How can we develop more creative, effective advertising?

Our Answer

It’s our belief that the hardest job in the industry falls not to those who come up with great ideas, but those who risk their careers in approving them. From briefing, right through to creative evaluation, we can help your marketing teams understand the critical role that creativity plays in delivering brand growth and identify ways to improve their creative capabilities.

We have a major team event coming up. How can I inspire my team and get them to think in new ways?

Our Answer

Sometimes, the biggest gains come from getting your team together in a room to experience a fresh perspective and get excited by new opportunities. Contagious briefings are like no other. We build on Contagious Intelligence and case studies to help teams see the bigger picture, think more ambitiously and, when necessary, challenge convention.

What will marketing look like in 2025 and how do we get ready for it?

Our Answer

With audiences leaping ahead of most businesses in their use of technology and becoming creators in their own right, it’s hard for organisations to keep pace. Contagious has been documenting the evolution of the marketing industry for the past 15 years and our advisors can help your teams translate what those changes mean for critical areas of your business. From the changing agency landscape to the impact of macro trends, we can help you prepare for a more changeable future.

How is masculinity changing and what does it mean for our marketing?

Our Answer

When a change occurs, you must understand the drivers in order to see the opportunity. Contagious advisors research trends and consumer movements in depth, while also providing inspiration and benchmarks that will inspire new thinking and galvanise teams faced with hard-to-crack challenges. Whether it’s a concise report you’re after, a webinar or a hands-on workshop, we’ll make your teams sit up and take notice.

How can we push our thinking further and challenge our assumptions?

Our Answer

Whether it’s a brainstorm, strategy review, briefing, or planning session, having a Contagious advisor on hand can inject new thinking. Our privileged position in the industry, where we are exposed to a huge wealth of ideas and insights, means that we provide an independent, objective and global point of view that few other partners can.

How can I build a creative culture in my marketing community?

Our Answer

Using our content and events expertise, we can help you raise the profile of creativity within your organisation so that it’s celebrated and championed. From awards, to councils, internal communications and tools, our Advisory team can help you inculcate a culture where creative work and creativity can thrive.

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