Domino's, Points For Pies 

Domino’s rewards loyalty scheme members for eating any pizza, not just its own, in a bid to drive app downloads.

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Domino’s in the US is rewarding people with loyalty scheme points when they upload pictures of pizza to its app — no matter where the pizza came from.

From Saturday 2 February, the day before the Super Bowl, members of Domino’s Piece Of The Pie loyalty scheme are invited to scan images of any pizza into the brand’s app to collect ten points towards a free pizza.

The new app feature uses artificial intelligence-driven software, which Domino’s calls its ‘pizza identifier’, to identify any kind of pizza (and in reality, anything that looks like a pizza).

The campaign will run for 12 weeks. During that period, participants are limited to submitting one pizza image per week and when they have collected 60 points they can trade them in for a free medium-sized pizza with two toppings.

To take part in the campaign, participants must join Domino’s loyalty scheme and download its mobile app.

Domino’s chief executive, Ritch Allison, appeared in a TV ad, set in a family-owned pizzeria in Atlanta, to promote the deal. Domino’s has committed to giving away up to 100 million points during the campaign.

The Points For Pies campaign was created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Boulder.

Slice of the market / Domino’s in the US sells nearly 2 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday, which is 40% more than a regular Sunday.

And while Domino’s is the leader in the quick-service pizza market (with a 14.2% share in 2017), almost every pizza business does roaring trade during the big game. Coupon website claims Americans purchased 12.5 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday 2016, while food website Delish states that, on average, pizzerias across America experience a 35% sales uptick on the day.

Points For Pies acknowledges that customers are not generally loyal to one pizza brand but provides them with a no-strings-attached incentive to download the Domino’s app and join its rewards scheme.

‘It gives people an opportunity to engage with our brand with no risk and our goal is to keep them and earn their loyalty’, Kate Trumbull, Domino’s advertising vice president told Ad Age.

Off kilter but on brand / The campaign also uses Domino’s Oh Yes We Did slogan, which the brand reserves for its best brand action work. Typically, work bearing that slogan communicates Domino’s obsession with pizza perfection and the extreme lengths to which it will go in pursuit of that goal. While Points For Pies deviates from other campaigns bearing the Oh Yes We Did strapline, it is still an idea that promotes Domino’s passion for pizza—no matter where it comes from—and it makes a powerful headline.

CP&B told Contagious that it evaluates all its ideas by reviewing them in a press release format, to ensure that they are strong enough to earn media by themselves.

As Burger King showed at the end of 2018, trolling a rival is an effective way to earn exposure, which it put to good use to drive downloads of its app. Domino’s will hope that it can do the same but by embracing, rather than trolling, its rivals in a newsworthy way.

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