Delivery service helps shoppers beat inflation with food-price tracker 

Canada’s SkipTheDishes created a website that monitors grocery price drops to help shoppers navigate the cost-of-living crisis, delivering 400 million media impressions

In April 2023, Canadian online food delivery service, SkipTheDishes released a grocery shopping tool that recommends recipes based on ingredient price drops, to help Canadians source affordable and nutritious food.

The Inflation Cookbook uses real-time pricing data of over 400 ingredients across major retailers in 100 stores to predict the biggest price drops of the week. Using this data, the tool curates seven healthy recipes that consumers can create at home using the best-priced items from that week.

People can select the recommended ingredients on the platform, which are then added to the users’ carts on the brand’s new grocery and convenience delivery service, SkipExpressLane.

Alongside the launch of the cookbook, the brand will be donating all surplus food from its 23 Skip Express Lane fulfilment centres to local food banks across the country. SkipTheDishes will also be donating $100,000 to Food Banks Canada, providing 200,000 meals to Canadians in need, in addition to the monthly food donations local food banks will receive from Skip Express Lane locations year-round.

The campaign was created with Dentsu Creative Canada, Toronto, and people can try out the Inflation Cookbook on the campaign website.

Results / According to the agency, The Inflation Cookbook attracts 28,600 weekly users. The campaign generated 400 million media impressions and sent over 3000 new customers to shop on SkipExpressLane in its first week. The initiative is projected to save a total of $21.8m for Canadian families by December 2023.

Contagious Insight 

At your convenience / This campaign gives people a convincing reason to spend money on their groceries with SkipTheDishes’ Skip Express Lane, instead of competing brands. According to a survey by Statista in June 2023, SkipTheDishes is the second most popular online food delivery service in Canada with 45% of respondents having used the service during the previous 12 months (just behind Uber Eats, which boasts 46%, and DoorDash on its heels with 41%). Given the competition, SkipTheDishes needed an edge to stand out, and here, it does so by investing in its grocery delivery service rather than competing directly with takeaways.

The Inflation Cookbook makes it easy for economical shoppers to keep on top of their budget by doing all the hard work for them; it conveniently includes recipes using the recommended ingredients and even ties in with Skips’s new grocery platform so people can order their goods quickly and straight to their doors. It also delivers action by way of donating surplus food to local food banks, to underline its commitment to the cause. A win for Skip, a win for cost-effective shoppers and a win for local food banks.

Something for every occasion / People tend to cut down on takeaways during tough economic times. In fact, SkipTheDishes’ UK counterpart Just Eat announced in March that it would be cutting 1,700 delivery jobs due to a slowdown in takeaway demand. With fewer people ordering takeaways, SkipTheDishes cleverly leans into groceries to keep business and profits afloat amidst the cost of living crisis. The Inflation Cookbook cleverly reframes the idea of ordering food by showing people that they can still use food delivery apps, but to shop for nutritious ingredients to make affordable home-cooked meals instead of takeaways.

In our Cost of Living Trend, we unpick how alcohol brand Baileys countered its post-2008 recession sales decline by broadening out consumption occasions beyond a sip or three at Christmas. Here, Skip reminds people of its groceries delivery service by launching a useful tool, showing people that although they might not want to order takeaways with Skip, there’s still a reason to shop with the brand.

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