Nils Leonard is Contagious’ first ever guest editor 

Uncommon co-founder takes the reins of Contagious Quarterly

For the latest issue of our quarterly magazine we’ve done something that we have never done before: appoint a guest editor.

When it came to selecting our inaugural guest editor, we needed someone who believes in the power of commercial creativity as fervently as we do, but also someone who has a proven track record producing trailblazing work. Nils Leonard, co-founder of Uncommon Creative Studio, was the obvious choice.

Contagious editor Chloe Markowicz said: ‘Nils is a brilliant creative mind and it was pleasure working with him to bring his passions and provocations into the pages of our magazine. At Contagious, we think of ourselves as optimistic agitators. Nils embodies a similar spirit. He not only strives for creative excellence in his own work but is determined to elevate the industry as a whole.’

‘Contagious is rare,’ wrote Leonard in his editor’s letter. ‘Mostly because they care. They’re not chasing clicks, snarking at failed endeavours or selling cynical headlines. They are a smart and driven crew that believes in the best version of our industry, one where creativity wins. I was shocked to be selected as Contagious’ first ever guest editor. And I didn’t want to waste the opportunity.

‘In this issue, I sought the common ground between what they have always pursued, the contagion and power of creativity, and my studio Uncommon, and its purpose and values.’

Leonard worked with the Contagious editorial team to shine a light on craft, as well as some of the most brilliant creative people and organisations around. He had a tete-a-tete with the pre-eminent designer, Thomas Heatherwick, about the value of humanised experiences and places. And asked a slew of music and advertising legends, including Vicki Maguire, Frank Turner and Richard Huntingdon, about their favourite lyrics to highlight how ‘we can think too much and feel too little in this game’.

We’re particularly fired up about the cover concept Leonard and Uncommon came up with to represent Contagious’ mission of igniting exceptional ideas. We even produced a few special editions that really light up, in case of any of our readers are feeling particularly incendiary. You can find out what else is in the latest issue of Contagious Quarterly here.

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