Most Contagious Talk: The Oatly Department of Mind Control 

How a oat milk brand reinvented itself after abolishing its marketing department

Oatly, the dairy-free alternative to milk, was already 30 years old when it became one of the hottest challenger brands in food. In his session at Most Contagious 2019, John Schoolcraft, Oatly’s global CCO, explained why you might be better off without a marketing department, how to spark change, and what it takes for a brand to prioritise curiosity and creativity over convention.

By eliminating their marketing department entirely and replacing it with the Oatly Department of Mind Control, Schoolcraft and his team of creatives have established a unique voice that often questions the role of companies and brands in society. They’ve also built a brand that has become instantly recognisable for its consistently inconsistent approach to encouraging people to take small steps in order to upgrade their lives and embrace a more sustainable future for the planet.

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