Watch: Unskippable YouTube Creativity 

Learn how to make impactful and effective YouTube ad creative in this free video with YouTube, Kantar and Contagious.

YouTube is where fans deeply engage with their favorite creators and worlds of content. Viewers spend time watching across every screen, with 1 billion hours of watch time on CTV every day and more than 70 billion daily views of Shorts. From NFL Sunday Ticket and Coachella, to content from millions of creators — who are today's producers, directors, and talent all rolled into one — viewers can find everything they love on YouTube. 

Alongside this content, advertisers are finding innovative ways to make their creative break through and drive powerful results. In this webinar, we'll unpack some best-in-class examples and explore a framework you can use for building effective YouTube ad creative. We’ll also bring together a panel of experts to share advice on tapping into YouTube as a canvas for creative expression. 

As the US YouTube Works Awards continue to welcome submissions, we’ll cover how you can craft a compelling submission and what the jury is looking for. If you have an exceptional YouTube campaign and want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the industry’s best, be sure to get your entry in.


Becca Peel, lead strategist, Contagious 

Amanda Currell, vice president, Creative, Kantar

Kevin Babcock, head of creative partnerships, Google

Josh Lake, director of growth marketing, MassMutual

Daniel Avon, data strategy director, Grey

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