3 February 2022

Most Contagious Talk: Womb Stories 

How capturing the complex relationship that women have with their period put a female hygiene brand on the global stage

It revolutionised the category by showing actual period blood. It exploded body shame in Viva la Vulva. What next? Well, Bodyform has shifted the period paradigm once more with Womb Stories: a three-minute film that mixes live action and animation to portray the unique, changing and complicated relationship women have with their wombs. 

The AMV BBDO team behind the campaign, strategy director Margaux Revol, senior account director Sarah Hore-Lacy, executive creative director Nicholas Hulley, and executive creative director Nadja Lossgott, and Tanja Grubner, global marketing and communications director, Essity, were on the virtual stage at Most Contagious 2020 to talk about tackling toxic silences and the danger of single female narratives.

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