Contagious Creativity 

Just want to see the best of the best? This is the briefing for you

This is your chance to get to grips with the smartest campaigns from around the world before they turn up in the awards shows. We’ll break down the challenges each brand faced, the solutions their agencies devised, and the transferrable learnings your team can take from each example.

If you want to see the best advertising in the world – before it turns up in the awards shortlists – you need the Contagious Creativity briefing. This eclectic line-up of campaigns is hand-picked by the Contagious team for solving common challenges in uncommon, effective ways. 

Drawing from our unparalleled collection of case studies, this session includes examples from a broad range of categories, budgets and markets. 

We’ll walk you through the mechanics of each piece of work, digging into why it works and the impact it had. Prepare to be inspired, stimulated, and also… jealous. 

You’ll learn:

  • The inspiration and insights underpinning each campaign
  • The transferrable learnings that can be applied to other categories and challenges
  • New ways of tackling familiar problems

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