Machine Earning 

Curious about the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence and its implications for the creative industries? This briefing breaks down the various ways that marketers are already leveraging the tech, with case studies that showcase the growing possibilities for brand building.


The advent of Generative AI has sparked fresh possibilities for computational creativity in marketing. Indeed, this year’s Contagious Radar survey found that 41% of senior marketers believe Gen AI represents the biggest disruptive force to our industry since the dawn of the internet. But in a world where deepfakes are being increasingly weaponised by bad actors, how can we harness these tools for positive growth? Whether you believe in art or algorithms, understanding the capabilities of artificial intelligence should be a top priority for any future-fit marketer.

This session will explore the AI trend through the lens of some of the smartest work using the tech.

In this 50-minute session with Contagious, you'll learn:

  • A selection of thought-provoking case studies from the worlds of automotive, food, healthcare, telco, travel, toys and more.

  • Revealing insights from both marketing leaders and AI luminaries.

  • A grounding in the various ways that Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the advertising industry.

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