Phoebe O'Connell

31 August 2021

9 fascinating titbits taken from issue 68 of Contagious Magazine 

A collection of facts, nuggets and titbits pulled from the latest issue of Contagious magazine

Issue 68 of Contagious Magazine is out now and, as always, it’s full of world-class creative, insightful interviews, and our commentary and analysis on the best work of the quarter from around the world.

While researching and writing each issue, we accumulate a long list of fascinating titbits and facts – here are our favourites from the pages of this quarter’s mag. Enjoy.

1 / That cheesy orange dust that gets all over your hands when you eat Cheetos has an official name: it’s Cheetle.

2 / 15 of the 28 categories at Cannes this year awarded Grands Prix to work that created ‘more equitable and inclusive experiences’.

3 / Generation Z have over 59 million items of clothing in their wardrobes they’ve never worn, estimates research company OnePoll.

4 / One of Guinness’ most famous ads, a 1934 poster designed by artist John Gilroy, is displayed in London’s Victoria & Albert museum.

5 / In 2019 over 20 billion messages were exchanged on Facebook Messenger between people and businesses each month.

6 / Heinz sells 650 million bottles of its Tomato Ketchup in more than 140 countries each year.

7 / While a mined diamond requires more than 56.6kg of carbon to produce one carat, lab-grown diamonds need just 2.7kg.

8 / Reddit’s SuperbOwl spot – a simple, text-based still – was the second-most searched Super Bowl ad on Google this year. 

9 / ‘Basta’ is a Filipino word of Spanish origin that roughly translates to: ‘Whatever, I like it because I like it.’ 

Creative agency Gigil used the word to capture the mentality of its Gen Z audience when creating the Nyahahakbkxjbcjhishdishlsab@!!!! Basta RC Cola! campaign for RC Cola.

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