Expert Mode: Brands and Gaming 

Want to know what brands are getting up to in the world of gaming? Watch our free livestream to find out!

The Contagious community has identified gaming as a key opportunity for 2023, ranking its potential for creativity above TikTok, TV and host of other channels.

That’s why we’re hosting a free webinar to show off the breadth and scope of what’s possible in this space.

If you’ve got 45 minutes to spare, you’d be crazy to miss it – because this is exactly the kind of Briefing we usually ask our clients to pay for. Here’s what to expect:

Expert Mode: Brands and Gaming 

Gaming is the world’s most lucrative entertainment industry, gateway to the hearts and minds of an audience as dedicated as it diverse. From Animal Crossing to esports, brands are engaged in a new quest to connect with consumers in this relatively unfamiliar territory, but who’s getting it right? In this inspiring session we’ll highlight the best-in-class work from a range of brands and categories, breaking down the insights and strategy behind each activation.

You’ll learn 

  • The human needs that games fulfil to keep people coming back for more
  • How brands are tapping into them across a variety of gaming and esports platforms
  • The inspiration, insights and strategy underpinning each activation
  • The takeaways that can be applied to other categories or challenges

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