Contagious Pioneers 2023 

Contagious reveals the best and bravest creative agencies in the world.

Contagious is pleased to announce the 2023 Contagious Pioneers, our annual list of the agencies setting the standard for creative excellence in marketing. 

We select our Pioneer agencies by rigorously analysing the work featured on our online intelligence tool, Contagious IQ.

Only campaigns that demonstrate the highest levels of creativity and strategic thinking pass our rigorous editorial filter. The Pioneers are those agencies that had multiple campaigns featured on Contagious IQ in 2022, and which also performed well against other metrics, such as the ratio of campaigns created to the number of clients, and whether the campaigns were selected for more in-depth coverage.

Contagious editor Chloe Markowicz said: ‘The Contagious IQ team is notoriously hard to impress. We’re only interested in covering the very best marketing in the world on our intelligence platform. Getting work featured on Contagious IQ is something that anyone should be proud of, but being named a Contagious Pioneer signifies that an agency has truly reached the pinnacle of creative excellence.

‘While we were impressed with all our Pioneers this year, Colenso BBDO shows remarkable consistency in having made the list almost every year since Contagious first launched the Pioneers ranking in 2016. Edelman meanwhile, stands out for being the sole PR firm amongst a catalogue of creative agencies, proving that effective, groundbreaking communications can come from any discipline.

‘I’m often asked what an agency needs to do to become a Contagious Pioneer. You can take me out to lunch or buy me gifts, but it won’t help. There is only one answer: produce truly exceptional work.’

The 2023 Contagious Pioneers (in alphabetical order) are 

  • AMV BBDO, London

  • BETC Paris

  • Colenso BBDO, Auckland

  • Edelman, New York

  • FCB, New York

  • GUT Miami

  • Mother, London

  • Ogilvy India, Mumbai

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