The Contagious Radar report 2023 

We surveyed some of advertising's most prominent leaders about the biggest opportunities and challenges in 2023

Where should you be focusing your time and attention in 2023? We interviewed some of advertising’s most prominent leaders to find out.

Download the Contagious Radar report to learn what senior industry figures think are the biggest opportunities and challenges in marketing in the year ahead.

We canvassed 100 executive-level respondents – including S4 Capital’s Sir Martin Sorrell and former Dentsu boss Wendy Clark – for our Radar survey exploring a range of issues, including:

  • The biggest challenge facing the industry

  • Which media channel has the most creative potential

  • Client-agency relationships

We also interviewed leaders like WPP CCO Rob Reilly, Omnicom CSO Alex Hesz and Pepsico CMO Jane Wakely, to find out which technologies are changing the game and which are overhyped, what agencies and brands are doing to recruit and retain talent, and much more.

Download the report now and think about your own priorities for the year ahead.

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