Contagious Commandments 

This session is a single-sitting immersion in everything Contagious has learned about creativity over the past 18 years – in one inspiration-packed hour. It brings together our time-tested beliefs about what makes successful brands tick, and uses real-world campaigns and examples to show that thinking in action.


Contagious has developed a set of principles – or Commandments – designed to help brands embed creativity at the heart of their business. From Asking Heretical Questions to Weaponising Your Audience, the Contagious Commandments presentation uses inspiring campaigns from a wide range of categories, media channels and regions to demonstrate those principles in action. This year we’ve rebooted and rebuilt this popular presentation from the bottom-up, presenting a new lineup of examples – from foundational classics to cutting-edge new work – that represent the very essence of Contagious thinking.

In this 50 minute sessoin with Contaigous, You’ll learn:

  • The critical building blocks for brand bravery and unlocking creativity
  • Why a clearly defined organising principle creates a compass for agile thinking and long-term decision-making
  • The power of working with your audience and the contagious effect of aligning with existing behaviours
  • How to avoid the cardinal sin of complacency, and instead keep asking the tough questions that will keep your brand ahead of the curve

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