11 March 2024

Webinar: The Primacy of Personal 

Join The Weber Shandwick Collective and Contagious for a 45-minute session about how to understand consumers’ new value equation against a backdrop of global change

For global consumers it is no longer — as Michael Corleone in The Godfather put it —  ‘strictly business’. Now, it’s personal. More personal than ever before. Join The Weber Shandwick Collective (TWSC) and Contagious for an offer you can’t refuse...a fresh take on how the changing world has reshaped what people value and expect from brands.

If three out of four people globally say what they value has changed in the past five years, what do they value today? Our new study found that people everywhere want brands that deliver personal emotional value. 

In this webinar, where TWSC and Contagious will discuss the insights from the inaugural What We Value: The Primacy of Personal global study.

During this session, we’ll dive deep into the five dimensions of the study’s new consumer value equation, which is based on research conducted across a range of generational cohorts and countries.


Joy Farber-Kolo, Chief Brand Officer, The Weber Shandwick Collective

Robyn Adelson, Chief Strategy Officer, North America, The Weber Shandwick Collective

Chloe Markowicz, Editor, Contagious,

Chris Barth, Principal Strategist, Contagious

Watch now to learn about… 

Why are consumers today ‘inside out’ in what they value most, placing their own safety, security, health and happiness above all else? What does this tilt selfward mean for companies and brands that focus on broader societal purpose? 

You’ll also learn why our new value equation, Weber Shandwick’s new approach to planning, is a powerful way to help understand how your company or brand can provide the value many consumers are seeking today.

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