Creativity vs Cost-of-Living 

How the smartest brands show up when hard times hit

An unpredictable economic picture affects brands and their customers in all kinds of ways, from supply chain issues to increasing prices. This 45-minute session draws on a combination of campaigns and examples – some recession-specific, some recession-adjacent-but-relevant – to inspire agencies and their clients to think more creatively about what their response to this communications conundrum should be.

Synopsis /

We may have seen off the worst of the pandemic, but 2023 has racked up a whole new set of challenges for brands and businesses to negotiate. From energy prices to inflation, consumers are feeling the pinch and watching the pennies: so how do brands show up? In this session we’ll break down the best responses we’ve seen and the thinking behind the creativity that connects when times are hard. When the going gets tough, the tough get creative.

You’ll learn:

  • Why a long-term focus is essential despite the urge to cut budgets
  • How reducing risk can help shore up consumer confidence
  • How post-crisis winners set up for success
  • The insights and transferrable learnings from featured campaigns from a range of markets and categories

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